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Al Pacino, 82, will become a father again.  His child will be born by his 29-year-old partner

Al Pacino, 82, will become a father again. His child will be born by his 29-year-old partner

The subject of parenthood among the aged stars has been raising great emotions for a long time. Now it has come to light that the next descendant may be expected by 82-year-old Al Pacino. His partner, who is almost 50 years younger, is in the eighth month of pregnancy, and in the past she met with, among others, with Mick Jagger.

In early May, the media wrote that 79-year-old Robert De Niro had another child. The actor delayed the disclosure of this information for a long time, because he told about it a few months after the birth of the child. Interestingly, the confession happened very spontaneously. During an interview with ET Canada, journalist Brittnee Blair said to the actor: “I know that you have six children.” De Niro responded by saying, “Actually… seven. I recently had a baby.”

The 29-year-old partner will give birth to the child of 82-year-old Al Pacino

Al Pacino is now joining the group of happy dads. According to information provided by the portal, the actor’s 29-year-old partner Noor Alfallah is currently eight months pregnant. For a long time in the American media, there was a lot of talk about this relationship, but no one expected that the couple would have a child. – Al Pacino will be a centenarian when his child turns 18 – journalists calculated.

Al Pacino and Noor Alfallah have been in a relationship since April 2020. Although relationships where one partner is much older than the other are nothing new in show business, they are rarely taken seriously by people. However, sometimes such relationships are much more durable than among people of a similar age. – The age difference is not a problem for them, even though he is older than her father – that’s what their friends said about Pacino and Alfallah’s relationship at the time. However, the gossip media has repeatedly reported that the 29-year-old has had many relationships with much older men. For several years she was associated with Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones.

The upcoming consolation will be the fourth child of the star. His other descendants are 34-year-old Julie Marie from a relationship with acting coach Jan Tarrant and twins – son Anton James and daughter Oliwia. The children were born in 2001, when Al Pacino was dating Beverly D’Angelo.

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