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Emilian Kamiñski’s wife gave the first interview after the actor’s death: He did not die, he fought

Emilian Kamiñski’s wife gave the first interview after the actor’s death: He did not die, he fought

The famous Polish actor Emilian Kamiñski passed away on December 26, 2022. Death was particularly painful for his immediate family – his wife Justyna Sieñczy³ło and son Kajetan Kamiñski. The actor’s relatives decided to give the first interview after they said goodbye to their husband and father.

Wife and son talked to Dorota Wellman in “Dzień Dobry TVN”. The journalist asked, among other things, painful questions about how the actress is coping after the loss of her life companion. “I imagine that he went on tour with his performances” – says Sieńczyło.

Justyna Sieńczyło gave the first interview after the death of Emilian Kamiński

The actress admitted that she had known her husband’s diagnosis for some time, but he did not want to worry anyone and announce his condition. Kamiñski learned that he had lung cancer on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Kamienica Theatre, i.e. in 2019. Even then, the situation was supposed to look very serious. “Not being a smoker, he had lung cancer. He said one thing: ‘I don’t want anyone to worry. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. No one can know,'” Sieńczyło quotes his late husband.

Kajetan Kamiński pointed out that his father, despite his serious illness, did not lose his energy on stage. When asked if lung cancer had affected his performances, the actor’s son denied it. “He lived for five. He thought he would live to be a hundred. Since he was a child, he was used to very hard work” – he said. Emilian Kamiński left the Kamienica Theater to his son, but Kajetan noted in an interview with Wellman that his father gave him a choice, he emphasized before his death that he did not have to take over the role of his father and could do whatever he planned in life.

However, young Kaminski chose the theater. Now it is Kajetan who greets the audience before the start of each performance. Justyna Sieńczyło, when asked about Emilian Kamiński’s last moments, remarked: “He did not die, he fought until the last moment. He could not believe that his life was ending.”

Source: Gazeta

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