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Tired of cracking skin between your toes?  Do it once a week.  The calloused epidermis will disappear

Tired of cracking skin between your toes? Do it once a week. The calloused epidermis will disappear

Cracked skin between the toes can be an unpleasant and irritating problem. This condition can have several causes, but fortunately many of them are common and can be easily treated with home remedies and following a few rules.

Dry skin between the toes is usually caused by a fungal infection known as athlete’s foot. Other causes of cracks between the toes can be due to contact dermatitis or infection. The cause of troublesome changes may also be very dry skin, which results from insufficient care, weather or chemical factors. It is important to contact your doctor in case of recurring symptoms, as left untreated they can lead to complications such as infections of the nails or other parts of the foot.

Cracking skin between the toes. Typical symptoms that can be observed

Cracks in between are a common problem faced by many people. Typically, this issue concerns the heels and toes, and more specifically their outer parts in contact with footwear. It is about bends and crevices where moisture accumulates, which often leads to burns and cracks. Most often they are also accompanied by discomfort, pain, burning and itching. The affected area can also be described as:

  • peeling and itching,
  • thickening on the skin,
  • swelling.

Moreover, the skin on the feet contains a lot of sweat glands. Sweating, and thus a moist environment, is an ideal place for the multiplication of all kinds of fungi and bacteria. Cracking areas at the feet can therefore be a signal of a fungal infection. Since there are many different causes of cracks between the toes, symptoms can vary and vary in severity.

How to care for your feet? Ways of care that are worth remembering

Treatment for cracking and peeling skin between the toes will depend on the cause. When the reason is too dry skin in these areas, which becomes rough and scaly, it is important to care and follow certain rules. It is worth remembering to avoid wearing open shoes such as sandals. He should become your friend Moisturizing cream, which is best used right after bathing and before going to bed. Use creams with aloe vera, vitamin A, urea or panthenol. Choose well-fitting canvas or leather shoes that allow your skin to breathe. Avoid synthetic models that retain moisture.

It is also worth remembering that the feet should be exfoliated regularly. With a thick layer of calloused, rough epidermis, it can be done with a peeling. To prepare a home treatment, mix 1 tablespoon of sugar with 2 tablespoons of overcooked linseed pulp.

  1. Mix the ingredients together and massage the skin of the feet. You can replace the sugar with coarse sugar when the scrub is too gentle.
  2. You can use linseed pulp as a moisturizing mask. Rub it on your feet, wrap it in foil, put on socks and leave it for about 30 minutes.
  3. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water and apply a moisturizing cream.

Do not exfoliate more than 1-2 times a week. Exfoliating too often can stimulate the keratinization process and worsen the condition.

Source: Gazeta

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