This Wednesday morning, May 31, Ecuadorian sports journalism dressed in mourning for the death of the famous communicator Marcos Hidalgo, at the age of 81. Since 2022, Dr. Hidalgo has overcome a number of health problems, due to lung cancer, which he had been dealing with for years. Unfortunately, he lost the battle today.

Several colleagues of the popular commentator, so-called Piquito, They regretted his departure on the social network Twitter, where the unfortunate news echoed.

One of the first to react was Mario Canessagroup owner Caravan. “My deepest condolences to his family, RIP and God Bless.” He was followed by journalist Joselo Sánchez, who considers Hidalgo “a figure and teacher of Ecuadorian journalism.” My sincere condolences to his family for their sensitive loss, he added.

Marcos Hidalgo, sports commentator, died at the age of 81

Commentator Patricio Cornejo was one of those who lamented his health condition. “On the way to San Juan I just found out from my daughters that my partner Marcos Hidalgo has passed away, RIP Piquito, He was in very poor health, his memory will never die.”

One of the most emotional tributes was that of commentator Carlos Víctor Morales, who thanked him for his support at the beginning of his career. “Next June 8, I will be 41 years old in sports media. I will live to be grateful to this gentleman who set out on his journey today. He was the one who reached out to me and opened the door for my first job in radio Bolivar. He believed and believed in me. eternal gratitude, piquito. Have a nice trip”.

Other heartfelt words came from communicator Diego Arcos. “He left one of the most honest commentators and analysts, with a clear exposition and a total and creole language at the same time. His legacy was decisive in understanding that not everything has to be so rigid and formal. He was a wise diplomat and a fucking friend at the same time. piquito It will be eternal.” (sic)

For his part, journalist Germán Gallardo recalled with a short clip the last time he could talk to the communicator, at the year-end meeting, 2022. “At the year-end party at @ElCanalDFutbol. In the last months, he left the channel and activities because we knew something about his treatment, it was bad and had a bad reputation, but he wanted to work as long as possible. (AND)