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Foremniak, 56, has been drinking this drink for years.  “It works sensational, cosmetically and therapeutically”

Foremniak, 56, has been drinking this drink for years. “It works sensational, cosmetically and therapeutically”

Małgorzata Foremniak turned 56 this year and still impresses with her extremely slim figure. How does the actress take care of her appearance? The “Mam Talent” juror lifted the veil of secrecy and revealed what the secret is.

Małgorzata Foremniak is one of Poland. She is known to the television audience primarily for the role of Zofia Stankiewicz-Burska in the series “For Good and for Bad”. He also has many film roles, such as: “Quo vadis”, “Pitbull” or “Oh, Karol 2”. In addition, Foremniak is also a juror in the TVN program “Mam talent!”. Her charismatic personality draws attention, as do the impeccable appearance and slender figure that has been delighting fans and viewers in front of the screens for years. This year the star celebrated its 56th birthday.

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Małgorzata Foremniak about the secret of her figure. The actress revealed the details of her diet

In many interviews, the actress always emphasizes that she strictly follows the rules of healthy eating. Foremniak pays attention to what is on her platebecause, as she revealed in an interview with the magazine “!”, it is also reflected in our appearance. – The body is built from what we provide. Food is very important to me,” she said. Małgorzata Foremniak also draws attention to good hydration of the body. The actress tries to drink as much water as possible during the day to provide herself with the energy needed for training. Her physical activity schedule includes yoga, tennis and swimming.

The actress reveals whether she improved anything in her appearance. Has she had plastic surgery?

On the actress’s Instagram, we can often see frames where she poses without makeup, in a natural version. The actress at the same admitted that I am not planning any plastic surgery. She also added that she tries to take care of herself with beauty treatments. – If I have treatments, they are purely caring. I’m natural. Besides, I’m an actress and my face is my inside and my wrinkles that time creates are a story that I can tell through my face, she confessed.

Some time ago, the actress also decided to completely use cosmetics in favor of organic oils. She left only a delicate moisturizing cream under her makeup. The star also regularly exfoliates the whole body with salt, and from time to time rubs it into the skin and face, diluted Apple vinegar. He also treats the latter as a “power drink”, which he combines with water and honey. The star confessed in one of them that “it works sensational, cosmetically and therapeutically”. Of course, it is worth remembering that such a drink may not be suitable for everyone, and you should also drink it in moderation. You can consume a maximum of one tablespoon of diluted vinegar per day and you should take breaks from time to time.

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