In 2020 his dream came true: become a voice actress. His first opportunity came that year, when he was asked to lend his voice to the film East West home is best. From that moment to the actress Adriana Procel New projects have come in and now she enjoys it the most at the cartoon voiceespecially that of the tender cinnamon rollone of the characters in the animated web series Hello Kitty and Friends: Super Cute Adventures.

But these victories did not come overnight. Adriana has come a long way from her own education and experiences to reach this point in her professional life, which she has followed since childhood. Now she wants to share her anecdotes and processes for everyone who, like her, also dreams of becoming a voice actor.

Since August last year, the young actress has been giving the first introductory dubbing workshops in the studio of The voting companywhich offers, among other things, commercial voice-over services and radio and TV spots.

Adriana Procel, the Ecuadorian dubbing actress who has voiced Power Rangers toys and Disney characters

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“It has been one of the coolest experiences, because it is an opportunity for them to see that there is a lot of talent here in Ecuador… Soon we want to open other workshops where they can clearly do an internship, so that when the opportunity arises (to the students)”.

Adriana’s path to becoming a voice actress was not linear, like her first she studied social communication and worked as a commercial announcer on various projects. He then followed various courses and workshops, online and face-to-face, to train in acting, locution, narration, accents and characterization. The breed as such does not exist in the country.

What does it take to be a voice actor? Three elements, says Adriana. “PassionBecause if you have passion, you have the drive to improve and perfect this profession”. The second ingredient, Adriana adds, is to recognize that, at least those of us from Guayaquil, we need to polish our way of speaking. In principle, do not eat the S’s and do not replace them with burps, is his main recommendation. And finally, he says, Study acting.

“Because acting is going to help you develop that imagination and that empathy with the character in the recording studio. Unlike theater, for example, you don’t just learn the text, you prepare to bring this character to life with your body or facial movements. In the studio you only have your voice”.

And is a special voice needed? Many would believe that there might be voices better for this profession than others. But luckily Adriana says no. “In the world of dubbing, all voices are beautiful, they all work… Today, voices with a lot of naturalness are preferred, which are really heard.”

Adriana Procel remembers being fascinated by Donald Duck from the age of ten and from then on it was her desire to be the voice behind the animated characters. At the moment he also lends his talent to that Dino farm, Mike’s Adventures, My Hero Academia And higurashi. But he has also done dubbing for it live action productions and with it have also come challenges that he has gladly accepted thanks to the universe of voices he has collected for his career.

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“I had a hard time with a character for a horror movie, it was a demonized and pregnant woman,” she says, contrasting her melodious cartoon voice. “I had to resort to my memory, what if I was lost and angry, and also see the actress, how she acts, not to imitate her, but to empathize with what she feels. It took me out of my comfort zone.”

For this reason, Adriana emphasizes, it is essential to have acting knowledge to delve into this career where, he assures, each project is a new challenge: not to repeat itself, to experience new rhythms, to awaken new emotions that have not yet been explored.

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“And we have a very nice accent, which we can polish up so that it can become neutral, which is necessary for international dubbing and locution. My goal is to continue creating opportunities for the rest of the generations who are looking for the same dreams and opportunities.”

Adriana usually prepares two introductory dubbing workshops per month at The Voice Company. The last dates in effect were in early May and during the last weekend, which coincided with the May 24 holiday. New dates dates will be announced via social networks @voice companyec And @adriprocelo officially.