Lluis Llongueras, iconic hairdresser in Spain, has passed away this Monday at the age of 87. Founder of beauty salons that bore his name, the figure of Llongueras transcended and even reached television, being an advertising claim and a well-known voice on the national scene.

Born in Esparraguera in 1936, Llongueras has died at his home in Barcelona due to throat cancer. He was also known as a versatile artist who dedicated himself to painting, photography or sculpture.

Nicknamed the “Dali’s hairdresser“, Llongueras was the son of a fashion designer, he began in hairdressing in an almost self-taught way and developed a new concept of feminine beauty at a very young age.

“The idea that Llongueras is not a hairdresser who aspired to be a sculptor, but rather he was already a sculptor and an artistwhich would mature over time, turning the hair into a canvas with which to express the desires, impulses and ambitions of a generation”, collects his biography on his official website.

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