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“Polish lemon” supports immunity and helps with indigestion.  It can be grown in the garden

“Polish lemon” supports immunity and helps with indigestion. It can be grown in the garden

Barberry is a shrub whose fruits have many health-promoting properties. “Polish lemon” does not have many requirements in cultivation, but it is worth fertilizing it from time to time with a fertilizer that supports growth and abundance of fruit. You will prepare the right mixture yourself.

Common barberry is also called “Polish”. The fruits of the shrub have health-promoting properties, so it is worth paying attention to the cultivation of the plant in your garden or allotment. We suggest how to care for barberry and how to prepare the fertilizer at home, without having to buy store preparations.

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Common barberry, or “Polish lemons”. Learn about the properties of the fruit and the requirements for cultivation

common is not yet very popular. Although it looks beautiful and decorates every garden, it can be susceptible to attack by fungi that also attack cereals. If you want to grow barberry, take care to keep it away from the fields, which can increase the possibility of attack by fungal rust. Red barberry fruits are ready for harvest in August and September. You can dry them. They contain large amounts of vitamin C, pectin and mineral salts. The fruit can be used to prepare an infusion that supports immunity and helps with indigestion. However, it should not be consumed by children and pregnant women.

Barberry does not have many requirements, but if it is planted in a pot, it should be regularly supplied with adequate amounts of water. It is worth paying attention not to water the leaves, which can contribute to spotting. Barberry will develop both in partial shade and in the sun. It is worth providing it with a permeable substrate with an acid reaction. A mature plant reaches up to 3 m in height. When growing barberry, it should be borne in mind that during the flowering period it emits a specific, not very pleasant smell.

What to fertilize barberries? Bet on a homemade mix

fertilization of barberries, it is worth paying attention to the appropriate dates. March and April are favorable, but if we missed these months, we can also do it in July and until mid-August. It turns out that you do not need to invest in preparations from the store, because an effective fertilizer can be prepared at home. In this case, nettle manure will work. How to prepare it?

  1. Pour water over the cut, young nettle, cover the container with gauze and put it in a shady place – preferably away from home, as it will smell unpleasant.
  2. Stir daily, and after about 2 weeks, when the foam has subsided, fermentation is complete.
  3. Dilute the fertilizer with water in a ratio of 1:10 and water the barberry.

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