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Comfortable sandals at Deichmann for PLN 35!  Light and practical.  Hit proposals also in CCC and Reserved

Comfortable sandals at Deichmann for PLN 35! Light and practical. Hit proposals also in CCC and Reserved

For as little as PLN 35 in Deichmann, you can buy very comfortable Velcro sandals, ready for any holiday hiking. Solid models are also waiting in CCC and Reserved. Check out these deals and get ready for the summer heat.

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In summer, comfortable and airy shoes are essential. Sandals are the most obvious choice, especially those in a sporty style. In Deichmann you can get them for less than PLN 35. They are also available in CCC and even in Reserved. Every adventure lover should have one.

Velcro fastened sandals for pennies. This offer doesn’t come around very often

Deichmann likes to surprise with its offers, so it is also this time. Graceland velcro sandals cost PLN 34.99 after the discount. They stand out in color, namely they are pink. Their appearance is quite simple, the sole is thicker and flexible.

Thanks to Velcro, you can perfectly adjust the width of the shoe to your foot. These comfortable sandals are worth taking with you on vacation. They are a great solution when walking in hot weather.

Pink Velcro sandals for only PLN 35 (photo Deichmann)

It’s best to combine them with shorts and a tank top. Alternatively, a maxi dress with a summer character can be an alternative. They also go well with Bermuda shorts or long jeans. In general, they will work well in loose, everyday combinations.

Comfortable sandals are essential in summer. For long and short hikes

Velcro sandals are characterized by their comfort and are usually associated with spending time actively in the summer. It’s good to have at least one pair. CCC offers a beige version of the Clara Barson brand with openwork cutouts on the straps. They have a less sporty character, which is why they fit virtually any casual styling. You can even wear them to work.

Velcro sandals are not only comfortable, but also multifunctionalVelcro sandals are not only comfortable, but also multifunctional (photo CCC/Reserved)

In Reserved, the situation is the opposite. There, Velcro sandals with a thicker sole are ideal for longer hikes, bike rides, etc. They are black in color, the soles are made of thermoplastic rubber, and a special fabric insert has been added at the top. It stabilizes the foot and protects it from excessive sun exposure and other factors. At the same time, the shoes are still airy and very comfortable.

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