In Switzerland, too, thousands of people are mourning the death of Tina Turner, a singer who not only won over rock fans with her voice, but was also always an exemplary citizen.

Calm after the storm: Erwin Bach was the man who raised and loved Tina Turner so much after the trauma of her first marriage

Because of this, the president of this nation, Alain Berset, sent a few words of condolence in his honor and every hour the candles and flowers left in front of his castle in Küsnacht are growing, according to Perfil.

Tina Turner’s life in Switzerland

This year 2023 marks 27 years since the singer moved to Switzerland with her partner Erwin Bach, in search of happiness and peace, things that her previous relationships never offered her.

“I was tired of singing and making everyone happy,” she said in one of her last statements before her death, according to Vanitatis.

And that is that, according to Swissinfo, Tina Turner found a real home in the alpine country where she breathed fresh air and lived in privacy.

For these reasons, in 2013, three months after marrying Bach, she renounced her American citizenship in order to consider herself another Swiss.

Tina Turner struggled with tragedies in her life: her mother never loved her and abandoned her at the age of 11, and she faced the bitter pain of the death of her two children, one by suicide and one by cancer.

Tina Turner’s $76 million mansion

In the years she spent as the queen of rock, she acquired a fortune of 200 million dollars, with which she rented the “Chatear Algonquin” farm for several years.

As El Sol de México writes, in 2021, the artist bought her “fairytale castle” of 5,500 square meters with a panoramic view of Lake Zurich for $76 million.

In the last phase of her life, Tina Turner liked to spend time alone with her husband, which is why she hung a sign in front of her house in English and German: “Do not ring the doorbell before 12 o’clock,” Escapada states.