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Mix with soil and sow sprouts.  Your arugula will grow in the eyes and delight everyone

Mix with soil and sow sprouts. Your arugula will grow in the eyes and delight everyone

Arugula is a great addition to salads, sandwiches or pizza. More and more people decide to plant it in their garden or on the balcony. Cultivation of the plant is extremely simple, and if you use one simple trick, it will grow in no time and please your eyes.

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There are several varieties of arugula, but the most popular is the one with a slightly spicy, nutty flavor. If you want to grow it in your , you don’t need any special skills. The most important thing is to provide rocket with the right conditions for growth. It will feel best in a slightly shaded place and well-drained soil. You can easily grow it in a pot or at home.

Homegrown arugula. A trick for fast plant growth

Arugula is also called rocket. Its care is not too complicated. The plant needs regular and not very intensive watering. It should be watered 1-2 times a week. You can’t make it dry, because then it will become too spicy in taste. After planting arugula, you can expect the first harvest after 6 weeks. Tear off the outer leaves close to the ground. Then you will give the plant a chance to grow further and increase yields. If you are pressed for time, you can make a substrate for arugula yourself, which will allow it to grow quickly. Mix 2 servings of soda earth with hummus and sow the sprouts. Just sprinkle some soil on top. Then the rocket will grow evenly.

Protection of arugula from pests. Use white fabric

Arugula is best sown from the beginning of March to the end of September. If you don’t want to add it right after harvesting, you can store it in the fridge for 2 days. Cover the leaves with aluminum foil and store them on the bottom shelf. The greatest threat to the rocket is ground fleas. They pierce its leaves and stunt growth. It is worth protecting the plant from them in advance and using a white non-woven cover. Cover the edges with soil. Then the pests will not get inside.

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