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A gift for Children’s Day?  Bing and Myszonek, or maybe Pola and Basia

A gift for Children’s Day? Bing and Myszonek, or maybe Pola and Basia

Are you looking for book gifts? Such a gift for Children’s Day is certainly a good idea. Here is a handful of the hottest news (not only for reading!) that will surely please your children.

Richard Kozik (): Toddlers love to draw. They also love to learn to draw. So I recommend “Learning to draw. Start with a potato!” Írisz Agóc from Our Bookstore. It’s very funny, because although we start with a potato each time, we end up with … 60 different animals. It turns out that a potato can be the beginning of a bear, squirrel, sloth, snail or even a crocodile!

Anna Kowal (): Our bookstore has just published a book “School and me. We’re going to first grade” Ewa Borowska with illustrations by Natalia Jabłońska. This is a great gift for our Zuzia, who is going to first grade after the holidays. We hope that it will help her get used to the great change that awaits her (and us too) and dispel various fears. It will be read.

A gift for Children’s Day – a book for June and holidays

Marta Korycka (): In a moment, in a moment (May 31th) the book “Space Investigation” by Stuart Gibbs (Agora for Children) will be released. Me and my ten year old are huge fans of his Spy School, it’s a brand new series. The hero is 12-year-old Dashiell, who lives with his parents in an extraterrestrial base – he came with his family on a contract and is fed up with NASA, space and the inhabitants of the base. In addition, he gets involved in the mysterious death of Dr. Holtz. I started reading a pre-release copy, and my son has to wait, because it’s a gift for Children’s Day for him.

It will be released on the same day “A year by the sea” Malwina Hajduk (Our Bookstore). This is a proposition for younger readers, the next installment of the popular picture series. Just in time for the coming summer.

Richard: A book “The Greatest Show in the World” Mini Gray (Dot) is an impressive invitation to a journey through the history of the Earth – from its creation, through the era of bacteria, the era of dinosaurs, to the era of humans. This is a brilliantly illustrated popular science story full of vivid images and hilarious gags. The story of the emergence and evolution of life on Earth is narrated by friendly insects.

Anna: “Space Atlas” Tom Jackson and Ana Djordjevic (Dot) takes little readers on a space journey. They will learn, among others, how to live on the International Space Station, whether we can survive on Mars, why Pluto is no longer a planet and how big the Universe is. And all this is impressively illustrated with drawings and photographs that bring space to life.

Ryszard: Do you know Myszonek? The little hero of Riikki Jäntti’s book series is back in the storybook “Miszonka under the tent” Frajda publishing house. It is a nice and funny story about a small country mouse and her mother’s journey to the island, getting to know nature, spending the night in a tent, i.e. a trip that will certainly be a great adventure from the perspective of the little ones.

New classics and important things

Anna: Do you like the classics? You can gift your children “Monkey in the Bath” Aleksander Fredro (Frajda). Kasia Walentynowicz drew a funny poem into effective, full of details frames. This is sure to be a fun read for both children and parents. And it appears in the Year of Fredro.

Ryszard: Zakamarki have just published two nice books by Lena Andreson: “Pola is baking” and “Pola at grandma’s”. Lena Anderson is the author of Stiny’s Summer, A Year with Linnea, and Linnea in the Garden. This time she portrays her granddaughter and grandmother. In the first book, the mother escorts Pola to her grandmother, with whom Pola is to spend a few hours. Although it is difficult to part with mom, grandma has her own ways to make her granddaughter regain her sense of humor. Time will pass very quickly and they will bake something delicious…. The second book also tells about their day together. From waking up to going to bed in the evening, Pola and grandma have something to do, and everyday activities are much more pleasant in such nice company.

Anna: “Yeah!!!” Elise Gravel is the story of a little monster who is so hungry that he won’t eat a slice of pizza, or a whole pizza, or a pizza box, or a plate… This funny cardboard book from the publishing house of Two Sisters is sure to make any foodie burst out laughing – both big and small.

Ryszard: Recently, I read “The Small Mammals Pavilion”, which told, among other things, about the author’s work in zoos and gave me a lot of pleasure. Its author Patryk Pufelski also wrote a booklet “This is Max” (Two Sisters), illustrated by Justyna Sokołowska. Maks is a huge African snail. Until recently, he lived in Ukraine with a boy who drove him around in a toy truck. Then they had to flee because the war broke out. Today, she lives under the same roof with other animals that were forced to leave their homes: a dog whose babysitter died, an abandoned turtle, and a gecko that a girl got bored with.

Marta: The new book by the author of “Kociej Szajka” also talks about important matters. Agata Romaniuk wrote now “Tolo and Bolo save Leśna Górka” (Agora for children). The brothers learn that their beloved Lisia Górka, the center of social life on the estate, is about to be razed – and they take matters into their own hands. There will be a grass strike, and the story will show that children can do something too.

Anna: Do you know Basia, the heroine of Zofia Stanecka’s books? The latest title in the series is “Basia and the mysteries of the universe. Microbes” (Harper Kids). Basia doesn’t like washing her hands. When one day, after a walk, she runs to the kitchen instead of the bathroom, Mom decides to step in. It turns out that the world is full of creatures invisible to the naked eye that accompany people at every step. Meeting with microbes turns out to be an interesting and exciting adventure for Basia.

Ryszard: And finally, Bing – a little black bunny, known from Ted Dewan’s books and cartoons. The latest book in the series is titled “Painting is a great thing! Bing. My reading book”. The bunny learns colors in it and creates a wonderful picture. He is also convinced that thanks to paints you can paint the world beautifully. But what happens when water spills by accident? The booklet “Music is a great thing! Bing. My reading book” was also published in the series.

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