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He has over 600 tattoos and a split tongue.  People: “There’s no cure for that?”

He has over 600 tattoos and a split tongue. People: “There’s no cure for that?”

Sometimes one tattoo is enough to make people look with curiosity. What if there are over 600 of them on the body? The Australian model loves her addiction. However, not everyone supports her in this.

Amber Luke is not your typical Australian girl with long curly blonde hair and beautiful tanned skin. The model catches the eye from a distance. And that’s because of the tattoos that cover 98 percent of her body. Because of this, he meets with a whole lot of critical comments. However, he does not care about them, because this is the version he likes the most.

She spent a fortune on tattoos

She started her adventure with tattoos at the age of 16. Since then, more drawings have appeared on her body. At the moment, there is probably no place where they are not. And you can see it quite clearly, because in social media he posts materials that are quite bold and do not cover too much. At the age of 22, she even got her eyes tattooed. In addition, he has piercings in several places and a split tongue – twice. And this happened when she was 23 years old. She estimates that so far she has spent about 130,000 Australian dollars (PLN 360,000) on tattoos.

What if they weren’t there

Some time ago she decided to do an experiment and paint all her works to see what she would look like without them. She admitted that she did not see herself sauté for many years and was very nervous about what she would see. Her main fear was that memories from years ago would come back to her. Throughout elementary and high school, she was bullied by other students, which made her very insecure and had a lot of complexes. The tattoos helped her cut herself off from the demos of her past. No wonder that there were fears that exposing her skin would also renew unpleasant memories. The entire process has been documented. You can see it in the video below.

“Isn’t there a cure for that?”

Interestingly, through tattoos, he does not hear any less critical remarks towards himself. You don’t have to look far to see what people think of her. A lot of strong words appeared, for example, under the video above. Among them, among others:

I understand her reasons, but therapy would be better than spending $130,000 on tattoos

You look like you’ve stepped in front of a projector during class

I think a psychologist should help her when she was being bullied

There’s no cure for that?

However, it seems that Amber’s tattoos act as a defensive shield. The girl does not care about criticism and continues to boast about her works. As a model, she poses a lot and you can see that she feels good in her body.

Source: Gazeta

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