More than a month ago Rosanna Queirolo He traveled to the United States to treat hip osteoarthritis. After several medical opinions, he decided to replace his left hip with surgery. This Thursday marked the month of the procedure that led her to start over in some aspects of her life.

With a cane, walking the streets of San Francisco, California, Rosanna Queirolo shows progress in her physical recovery

The entrepreneur used this date to thank all the people who were part of her recovery, including her followers. “You were a very important support in this process, your prayers, your messages, your concern… filled my soul and overwhelmed my heart”he expressed in a post on Instagram in which he collected 10 videos of his process from the time he was operated on, until the moment when he had to walk again little by little.

He described this moment as one of the most difficult in his life, since he still has difficulty bending his left leg, cannot run or lift weights on his legs. “I want to close one of the most difficult chapters in my life in order to open another: that of persistence, effort and patience”he expressed.

“It’s hard for me to sleep because my wound is big, it’s hard for me to bend my left leg, I can’t run or lift weights on my legs…”he admitted.

Despite all the challenges that Queirolo has to overcome at this moment, she responds with perseverance, effort and positivity. And he wants to wish the same to all his followers. “We are more capable of doing unimaginable things than we think,” manifested.

The hip damage was caused by an extremely hard fall from a horse 15 years ago.

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