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He borrowed a book and forgot to return it.  It was almost 100 years old.  He missed a fair amount of punishment

He borrowed a book and forgot to return it. It was almost 100 years old. He missed a fair amount of punishment

Have you ever borrowed a book and failed to return it on time? One reader of the California Public Library is a unique case, because a work that was part of the institution’s collection has been in the hands of his family for almost 100 years. Had it not been for the rule change, this delay would have cost him dearly.

This situation will certainly go down in the history of the St. Helena Napa Valley, California. When Jim Perry returned the loan 96 years ago in early May 2023, employees were shocked. How did it happen that only after such a long time the work was back on the shelf?

He borrowed the book in 1927 and forgot to return it. The work was returned to the library

described a unique case. Benson Lossing’s “History of the United States” was borrowed in 1927 by a family member of Jim Perry’s wife, Sandra. However, he forgot to return the work on time.

Since then, it has been passed down from generation to generation, and the woman was its last owner. Eight years after her death, her husband decided to look through her personal belongings. , which he found, particularly interested him, because it had a characteristic red stamp. That’s how he realized he was coming from the library. He decided to return it. But he had no idea what the story behind it was.

The library staff was shocked. A few years ago it would have paid dearly

When Jim Perry wanted to return to the library’s collection, the staff of the facility was shocked. While Lossing’s work has no historical value, the mere fact that it was on loan 96 years earlier is not uncommon. Theoretically, in such a case, the man would have to cover the costs of returning the work after the deadline. However, in 2019, new regulations were introduced, so the library does not charge fines or any fees for failure to comply with the contract. It turns out that Perry was lucky, because if not for the change of rules, he would have had to pay as much as 1.7 thousand. fines, or about $7,000. golden.

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