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Arnold Schwarzenegger framed Stallone for a movie flop.  “We didn’t like each other”

Arnold Schwarzenegger framed Stallone for a movie flop. “We didn’t like each other”

Although now Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are friends and run a joint business, in the past they were considered one of the greatest enemies in American show business. In an interview with “Forbes”, the Austrian-American actor confessed that in those days he would do anything to plant the proverbial pig on his rival. In one respect, he succeeded.

Until now, Arnold Schwarzengger has never had a starring role in the series, but that has just changed. The new series “Fubar” appeared on Netflix, in which he plays a 65-year-old CIA agent who leads a double life. It soon turns out that his daughter Emma is also a secret spy. They will be forced to join forces to complete a risky mission, and this will cause further perturbations in their family.

Schwarzenegger sees positives in competing with Stallone

On this occasion, the 75-year-old actor gave an interview to the American magazine “”. At one point, Schwarzenegger’s former relationship with Sylvester Stallone became the main topic of conversation. It’s no secret that gentlemen in the past did not like each other. Both competed for the title of the biggest action movie star of the 80’s and 90’s, and now the actor admitted in an interview that it went beyond the framework of the so-called. healthy competition.

“Then we would do anything to trip each other up,” Schwarzenegger said. “And it was all in the spirit of competition. He’s very competitive, and so am I. So when you’re competitive, competition positively affects your performance. We both look back on those years now and say it’s a good thing we competed because I gave my best to surpass him and he gave his best to surpass me…. But he only saw me as an enemy in his own little vision, and I saw him as an enemy, but we had to have each other get rid of.”

But in the nineties, the men came to a consensus and decided to reconcile with each other. “We met and said it was stupid, let’s just work together. We became really good friends,” Schwarzenegger confessed.

Stallone admitted that he got involved in Schwarzenegger’s intrigue

The other actor also admitted to unhealthy competition in previous interviews. In November 2022, also for the magazine “”, he said: “We really didn’t like each other because we were maybe not to sound modest – but we were pioneers of a certain genre that has not found our imitators to this day. So we competed because it’s in our nature “I think it helped our careers. But we also competed off-screen, which wasn’t healthy anymore. But over time, we became very good friends,” Stallone recalled.

In November, however, he was a guest on the British “The Jonathan Ross Show” and confessed how his rival managed to make a joke. He confessed that the reason why he decided to take part in the film “Stop, because mom shoots” was the desire to take the role from Schwarzenegger. The latter, in turn, spread rumors that he was very excited about this film, hoping that the rival would decide to play in this production, which later turned out to be a terrible flop. The average rating on the site is only 14%.

The actors are not only friends, but also business partners. Together with Bruce Willis, he founded the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain, which is a leader in the United States. They also starred in several movies together. They had the opportunity to meet the ladies of such productions as “Escape Plan” or “The Expendables”.

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