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Brow lamination at home?  Mix with water and apply to hair.  The effect as after leaving the salon

Brow lamination at home? Mix with water and apply to hair. The effect as after leaving the salon

Thick and perfectly arranged eyebrows have become one of the hottest trends, and many women dream of getting such an effect and enjoying it as long as possible. Brow lamination at home with a product from the kitchen cabinet can bring comparable results to the procedure performed in the salon.

The dream of many girls and women is to always look impeccable. Beautifully groomed eyebrows allow you to feel much more confident and give your face a completely different look. It often takes a long time to apply make-up, especially when it comes to eyebrows, because they can often stick together on the sides and have an irregular shape. Recently, a lamination service has appeared in many beauty salons, which is very popular among women. is to apply a special composition to the eyebrows, thanks to which the hair becomes healthier and at the same time has the correct shape. It turns out that you can get a similar effect with the help of a product from a kitchen cabinet.

Brow lamination at home for pennies. You only need one product

To have beautifully arranged hair above the eye, eyebrow lamination is perfect for you. Currently, it is one of the most popular styling treatments, and also allows you to change the arrangement of hairs in the eyebrows. It works best for women who have unruly or irregularly growing hair. To make it at home, you will need: gelatin, olive oil, warm water and cling film.

  1. Dilute 15 g of gelatin in 50 g of warm water. Heat it up and mix all the ingredients thoroughly.
  2. Remove from the stove and allow the mixture to cool. Add a few drops of olive oil (alternatively hair conditioner).
  3. Clean the eyebrows of make-up residues and impurities, and then comb them with a brush.
  4. Apply the mixture to a brush or brush and cover the eyebrows evenly. At the same time, give the hair the right shape.
  5. Cover the eyebrows with cling film and wait 60 minutes. After this time, gently wash the substance from the eyebrows and comb the hair again.

It is worth doing an allergy test before using gelatin on eyebrows.

Lamination of eyebrows with gelatin is a cheap way to look beautiful. How to care after the procedure?

If you want the lamination treatment to be at home, do not soak your eyebrows for 12 hours after lamination. Remember also to care for the area around the eyebrow arch, which may be exposed to drying. For this purpose, it is worth lubricating the eyebrows with a little olive oil every few days. Interestingly, the average cost of such a service in a beauty salon ranges from PLN 140 to PLN 200, and in the case of lamination at home, you only need easily available gelatin for about PLN 4.

Source: Gazeta

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