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Never seen a skirt like this!  2in1 model for PLN 59.99 on Mohito sale!  Similar in Zara and Stradivarius

Never seen a skirt like this! 2in1 model for PLN 59.99 on Mohito sale! Similar in Zara and Stradivarius

At the Mohito sale, you can find a hit proposition for the summer. It combines two popular pieces of clothing into one. Zara and Stradivarius have similar fashion experiments. Check!

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Can’t decide whether to wear shorts or a mini skirt on a given day? It’s good that chain stores have the perfect solution to this problem, namely skirt-shorts. The popularity of such garments is growing more and more. In Mohito, one of the models has been included in the promotion. Zara and Stradivarius also present their versions.

2in1 offer on Mohito sale. Patterned skirt-shorts are a fashion hit

Combining two different pieces of clothing into one is gaining popularity, mainly because many people love such practical solutions. Mohito’s proposal is in a fashionable black and beige pattern. Decorative, gold buttons were sewn on the front, and the asymmetric cut was also chosen here.

Skirt-trousers are perfect for ladies who don’t feel too comfortable in short skirts. Now they will create the illusion that this is what they wear. They can be styled exactly like classic mini skirtsi.e. wearing, for example, fashionable moccasins with thick soles, sandals, and even sneakers or sneakers.

Patterned skirt-shorts, fashionable and at a reduced price (photo Mohito)

Zara and Stradivarius offers. There is also a skirt and shorts in one

Due to the growing interest in skirt-shorts, chain stores eagerly introduce such items to their offers. At Zara, denim variants come to the foreas in Mohito, with buttons on the front.

In addition, models in an elegant style, with a higher waist, which attract the eye They will match perfectly with shirts. With skirt-pants of this type, you can easily create a summer version of a chic suit.

Proposals of a different nature from chain storesProposals of a different nature from chain stores (photo ZARA/Stradivarius)

Stradivarius, unlike Zara, focuses on holiday casual. There are available skirt-shorts with a very loose cut, navy blue color with beautiful, small flowers. A tie was added at the waist, and a fancy frill at the bottom. This proposal is very girly and it is worth combining it with light sandals and a white blouse, e.g. in the boho style.

Source: Gazeta

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