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Fanny Lu premieres her first station wagon ‘Lo que te perdiste’: Today I can say that love does exist

The Colombian artist recounts in the lyrics of her recent premiere a story of loves that are not valued. He is also planning a concert tour.

From Bogotá, in the middle of a face-to-face media tour and another virtual tour, the singer Fanny Lu connects with this newspaper to share details of her recent single What you missed, the second track of his next EP, which will be released next year.

The interpreter originally from Cali is licensed in this production to experiment, explore and retake compositions and genres that have attracted her and that also enrich her musical proposal.

Fanny Lucía Martínez Buenaventura (her first name) has also returned to the stage, recently she resumed the concerts with the public and in that reunion, with the warmth of her followers and the applause, the artist also maintains that this new stage of her music will have as protagonists empowerment lyrics.

What you missed brings us Fanny Lu in a ranchera version, how did this change in musical genre come about?

Yes, you know that I like to experiment, merge, take elements of different genres and incorporate them into my music and make it something different every time, and with the pandemic I rescued a song that I made about ten years ago and called I toast for you, which is in this wave of the ranchera, of popular music, always with that concern since then of making songs on that side and we always went for another. So, in the pandemic, I said: I’m going to dust it off, I’m going to take it out, I’m going to dare and give myself permission for what I’ve wanted to explore on this side for a long time.

I loved it, we have done several songs, this is the second. The first release was I want a love It was much more fused, that one had an accordion and everything; It is, on the other hand, much more melancholic, much slower, much more, I say, torn, but I love the experiment and the process has seemed incredible to me. As a composer I love being in this field because it allows you to be very deep and then I have enjoyed it a lot, and a couple of weeks ago we said let’s take it out like this, gift to the fans, to see what you think.

The song gives us that sound and flavor that takes us to Mexico in a certain way …

Nice and also with the flavor of the Colombian popular, because there is the requirement that it is a very special guitar of ours, very much of the Colombian popular genre, so I have enjoyed it a lot, slowing down the tempo of the songs a little and allowing you to be deep and have tears . In the video there was a lot of feeling, I like it a lot because you see an aging man missing that woman he lost. Literally when you do not value, you can expose yourself to those situations where you lose special people who do not return later and it can be a constant sadness in your life. So I like it from the video, I think it has been a very nice process.

How do you avoid reaching the phrase of the song ‘it’s going to touch you to see me in the arms of someone who knew how to hold me’?

What pain, no? I believe that being conscious in relationships, giving value to what is important, sometimes we get lost in the easy ways of light nights and good times and we lose the depth of relationships and the value of things that really have value. So I feel that it has also been a process acquired over the years, from my many painful relationships, because I feel that I have had many loves and that usually I am the one who suffers, I swear. And I think that it has taught me that and I think that the essential thing in relationships is to value what has value, regardless of the redundancy.

Personally, how has that process been to get to the point of learning to value yourself in a relationship?

Because when emptiness and stability prevail, when there is restlessness in your heart and not stability and happiness, there you have to realize that this is how it hurts you have to run away. Because yes, the song says “I was the one who got tired first”, but it is not necessarily the one who stopped loving.

As the single says “how to miss you if you gave me nothing” …

How to miss you if you told me nothing and that is that love is blind, that is also a phrase that I like very much, when you lose the ability to see objectively where you are and what you are gaining and losing because your heart blinds you. They are situations that if we do not learn them are repeated and that awareness is what we have to reach in order not to repeat ourselves in stormy and painful relationships.

What you missed It is a preview, the second, of your next EP, what else will there be in this production? Does it already have a release date?

It is very on this side, in this exploration of this genre that I like a lot and in this feeling that I rescue from the multiple years that do not leave me that feeling of failure but of triumph in love, because today I can say that I am a happy woman That I have learned that love does exist and that it depends on you, on your conscience, on your dedication, on your degree of reason within love, on reasoning, capacity for discernment and logic. Because love sometimes has no room for logic, but logic in love is so important.

So this exploration of giving myself permission to be vulnerable and not always be happy, but within that vulnerability to give a lot of value to strength, to what that vulnerability gives you if you understand it and if you live it conscientiously because it makes you stronger. Then comes a very conscientious stage, also of a lot of joy within my mergers and a lot of fun within the lyrics, because I like to write in a humorous way and the two that come are very like that, but let’s say it is a stage of I believe that the pandemic invited us to look inside a lot and allow ourselves to look inside, and be vulnerable and accept ourselves.

When you looked inside, what did you discover in that self-exploration?

I found a lot of vulnerability, but a lot of certainties, it was like a reaffirmation of who I am both professionally and personally, as a mother. There was a lot of questioning and I found as many answers, as many permissions also to question myself, but a lot of certainty when confirming so many strengths that I have that sometimes I do not recognize them or sometimes I doubt them. And there is nothing more beautiful than who you are and find within yourself your greatest virtues. And sometimes, you look a lot on the outside and you say to yourself: what is this like? How do I not look like it? Even your way of acting and how you should act, and how I allow myself to act and how I am internally and my virtues that I must treasure and not criticize.

For me, the pandemic was a stop on the road, because sometimes you don’t even have time to give yourself away.

At this time, which superpower did you discover that you had?

The ability to breathe and think, because I live with anxiety all the time, like I feel that I am very hyperactive and I have to do a thousand things at the same time and then sometimes I feel vulnerable that I cannot complete them, so I feel disorganized, But it is not that but you have to live life slowly but surely, you know, but with great awareness and giving you the space to sit and reflect. I realized that I am capable of being slow.

Does the EP already have a release date?

At the beginning of the year, but we don’t have a date yet. In February we came out with a new song and that’s probably when we take the opportunity to release the EP. The EP doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m very nostalgic for the time when we were making albums.

Women are important in his artistic proposal, so he plans a concert tour dedicated to them, when will they take place?

Yes, it is what I want to do, let’s say it is my star project next year, in terms of my show live, as a show spoken, like a girls’ night, a night to share and leave there strengthened, giving us the time, love, joy, validation as women we need and as a Goodwill ambassador for Women and children, that concern of that my music is always a source, that it is always an instrument, that it is alive, and I want to bring that to the stage. Let there be a concert, and we are already working on it, dedicated to women. We are doing it in such a way that we can tour with it, that we can take it to different stadiums and places, that it is simple and adaptable.

How was the reunion with your audience in the concerts that you have already offered?

It was magical, because when you miss, you kind of value more. And sometimes like you don’t realize one of those magical gifts of music that is that exchange of energies so honest of your fans and where more presence of fans you have is when you are on stage. (AND)

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