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These are one of the shortest marriages in Polish show business.  Some stayed with each other for 8 months

These are one of the shortest marriages in Polish show business. Some stayed with each other for 8 months

Relationships of celebrities arouse great interest, and fans can read about problems and breakups not only on gossip portals. Stars have lifelong relationships, but also record-breaking divorces. Here are the shortest marriages in Polish show business.

Huge weddings and loud partings arouse great interest among fans. Some stars show that infatuation and a quick decision to marry is not always a good idea. Great love ended after a few months or a year also happen in domestic show business. However, Polish record holders are far from those known from Hollywood. Britney Spears and Jason Alexander split after just 55 hours, and just four days after marrying Erika Koike, he filed for an annulment. Which marriages of Polish stars were the shortest?

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Michał Wiśniewski and his marriages. Four divorces

Michał Wiśniewski is known for his music and love hits. He also holds the record for short-term marriages. He divorced his first wife, Magda Femme, after 5 years. They separated from Mandaryna after 4. The marriage with Anna Świątczak also lasted 5 years, while he divorced Dominika Tajner after 7 years. Wiśniewski’s fifth wife is Pola.

Doda and Radosław Majdan: 2 years of marriage and a loud end

Dorota Rabczewska and Radosław Majdan was exceptionally medial and many people remember him to this day. The couple had a grand wedding in 2005, and two years later Doda filed for divorce.

Mateusz Damięcki and Patrycja Krogulska: they separated after … eight months

Mateusz Damięcki and Patrycja Krogulska got married in September 2010. Eight months later, they decided to divorce. – I made a few mistakes in my private life, but at least I don’t know anyone who was as short with my spouse as I was – some time later Damięcki in an interview with the magazine “Grazia”.

Source: Gazeta

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