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45 years since the death of Elvis Presley: a look at the life of the King of Rock

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Today, August 16th are marked 45 years since the death of the ‘King of Rock’Elvis Presley. This music icon still influences his successors today and the mark he left on the music industry is indisputable. After selling an estimated billion copies of albums and singles worldwide, according to Graceland —Elvis Presley’s official website—, the singer succumbed to the pressure of fame and an unhealthy lifestyle and died of a heart attack in 1977 on a morning like today.

His musical beginnings were tumultuous, but after graduating from high school Elvis pursued his musical dreams. Since 1955 he signed with the one who would be his manager throughout his career, ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker. And once the alliance was formed, Elvis’s success was immediate. In his first recording session with RCA he recorded ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, which would go on to top the charts and be their first single to sell a million copies.

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Elvis was an artist who broke barriers and expectations in music. With their sensual movements —for the time— and a African-American influenced soundcreated music that connected with young people, but caused concern about morality in conservative adults. tried to suppress many times to Presley’s art, but his rebelliousness prevented him from abiding by restrictions.

In one yearElvis had already sold millions of copies on record, earned $22 million in merchandise and premiered his first movie “Love Me Tender”. He was an American sensation, churning out hit after hit and movie after movie. However, this nonchalance would be short-lived. After the recording of his fourth film, Elvis was selected by the armed forces Americans to serve in the military 1958; his fame and money did not save him from the heavy hand of the military.

However, despite the flashes and bright moments of his career, Elvis’s life has not been without postmortem criticism. Nowadays, the origin of his music —African-American— and how stole songs from great black artists like “Hound Dog” by Big Mama Thornton, or some of Otis Blackwell. Many of the early recordings are versions of those of black artists who were segregated to their own sector. But Elvis, being white, could have national success with these same songs, and he did.

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In addition, it has also been analyzed with a magnifying glass his relationship with his wife Priscilla Ann. He met her during her time in Germany while serving in the army; she was the daughter of a captain. The problem was the age at which he met her and when the relationship began: she was 14 years old. While Elvis was 24. But, they married in 1967 when he was about to turn 22 years and nine months from the day after the wedding, his daughter Lisa Marie Presley was born.

The period of the 1960s with the ‘British Invasion’ in the United States was a blow to Elvis’s career. It symbolized the change from one generation to another in the musical environment while Presley was mainly dedicated to recording movies. As the decade ended, his films and soundtracks did not have the same success as before. But his 1968 television special it brought him back to the music scene.

After years without appearing, he signed two sessions of shows in Las Vegas at the International Hotel in 1969 and 1970; his performance attracted the largest audience for such a show at the time. After almost a decade without live performances, this meant a rebirth for Elvis and the beginning of a new stage in his career marked by more presentations in Las Vegas, frenetic tours across the country and his characteristic monkey which would be Elvis’s identifying clothing. Unfortunately, the pace of life I would bill you at the end of the decade with his death.

After 36 films and 150 singles and albums, Elvis Presley maintains his title, 45 years later, from best-selling male solo artist in history. All the controversies, successes and failures of her career cemented her ‘legend’ status in the music industry and she is still honored today with [[LINK:INTERNO|||Article|||62b5f5caed91b0e491006e72|||la biopic ‘Elvis’ ]]released in 2022 and starring Austin Butler.

Source: Lasexta

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