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Cloud gaming: Advantages and disadvantages of the new video game experience

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Being able to enjoy the latest titles on-demand, from a variety of devices, for a paid subscription, with a good Internet connection, is not exclusive to Netlfix. It is also offered by Cloud Gaming or games in the cloud, defined by many specialists as the future of video games.

Although it has existed since the end of the year 2000, technological advances and the increase in Internet speed have prompted many providers to offer platforms with hundreds of online titles such as Nvidia with GeForce NOW, Google with Stadia, Sony with PlayStation Now, or Microsoft with Xbox CloudGaming. However, to venture into Cloud Gaming it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this modality.

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Cloud Gaming does not require any type of configuration. The cloud server allows users to play on any device, anytime, anywhere, as long as the broadband connection is constant. In this sense, when playing in streaming mode, more data capacity will be needed, so it is essential to have excellent Internet access speed.

One advantage is that you don’t need high or low specs when it comes to this level of play. The cloud server allows users to play on any device, at any time, within the providers’ terms. As long as a constant broadband connection to the server is available, you should be able to connect from anywhere in the world. In this sense, streaming from an external server will require even more data compared to the standard system download, so if you don’t have excellent bandwidth speeds, you may have problems with this method.

Another advantage of Cloud Gaming is the subscription method. Mainly, it offers a huge catalog of games to choose from. That freedom to choose from a variety of titles is something that interests many gamers. However, you have to consider the cost of the subscription and a good Internet connection service.

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Video compression is one of the reasons why many gamers choose to play on PC or console instead of Cloud Gaming. Like YouTube and other streaming providers, videos are compressed to take up less bandwidth. This means that the resolution of the game will not be as high compared to a disc or direct download.

But for the gameplay to be a more pleasant experience, it is necessary that the device you use has the appropriate specifications for it. Manufacturers such as Kingston have concentrated on this market segment and propose some options to improve this situation.

This technological brand has a variety of products that manage to ‘overload’ your computer system and achieve the highest performance. The FURY Renegade PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD (Solid State Drive) offers speeds of up to 7300/7000 MB/s read/write and capacities ranging from 500GB to 4TB to store all your favorite games and media.

Plus, FURY Beast DDR5 RAM takes speed, capacity, and reliability even further, giving you the edge you need to experience capabilities beyond system limitations.

In order for the games to have the ideal performance, it is important that the hardware of the device that is going to play them has the appropriate capabilities; It is not enough to have a good internet connection.

At this time, Cloud Gaming is in a period of transition. It still doesn’t beat the traditional buy-and-play-at-home model. However, services like Xbox Game Pass, with its Xbox Cloud Gaming element, are helping to normalize a new way of gaming.

The technical limitations of the service mean that, in some parts of the world, the Cloud Gaming experience is simply not feasible for many of the high-speed, high-demand AAA titles, although ruling out the possibility entirely would be a mistake. Technology changes all the time, so it could happen that, at some point, the standard bandwidth is more than adequate for this way of playing.(I)

Source: Eluniverso

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