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Julio Iglesias, Daddy Yankee or Don Omar, victims of a scam for the copyright of their songs

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the latin musicians Julio Iglesias, Daddy Yankee, Anuel AA, Don Omar or Prince Royce are some of the artists scammed by two men who charged up to $23 million in royalties of his songs.

It is, as revealedbilliboard‘, from one of the biggest heist in youtube history, perpetrated by two men from Pohenix. One is José “Chenel” Medina Terán, who was a music producer who began to attract attention when he went from being among the middle class to owning a Lamborghini. The social ascent of Webster “Yenddi” Batista Fernández also drew attention. He was a local bachata artist and music video director who also happened to own his own Lamborghini and numerous pieces of jewelry.

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It was all uncovered in November 2021, when the source of the duo’s newfound wealth was learned: “according to authorities, Terán and Batista had been running what is now one of the biggest music royalty scams, if not the biggest , known on YouTube in history,” says the aforementioned medium.

This scam was investigated by the ‘IRS’ (Internal Revenue Service, for its acronym in English), the United States government agency in charge of tax collection and compliance with tax laws. Both have been accused of 30 counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and identity theft aggravated.

It was then discovered that Terán and Batista created a company they called MediaMuv to siphon off $23 million in royalties for Latin music copyrights that they did not control. They claimed to own more than 50,000 copyrights of songs and compositions of these singers. They did this procedure for four years.

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Royalties were claimed through the rights management company AdRev, owned by Downton Music Holdings. This is a third-party company that has access to YouTube’s CMS and content identification tools, and helps artists manage their digital copyright.

Though Terán has not accepted the charges and plead not guilty, Batista has accepted a plea dealadmitting one count of wire fraud and another of conspiracy.

Source: Lasexta

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