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How can I get rid of dust in my home? Thanks to this banal method, it will stay clean longer

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Do you feel like you’ve just cleaned the dust all over the house and it’s visible again? Unfortunately, every housewife knows how quickly she can convert this specific type of dirt. We know it. Thanks to it, the furniture will stay clean for longer.

How can I get rid of dust in my home? Thanks to this banal method, it will be clean for longer

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There is one effective ram that will allow than after a classic rub. You will need glycerin for this, which you can buy at any pharmacy or online. To put this trick into practice, mix water with glycerin and wipe with this mixture all surfaces that need to be rubbed. A layer of glycerin will protect the furniture against the deposition of a fresh layer of dust for a long time. All because it won’t stick so easily on a shiny surface.

How to get rid of the kitchen for longer? Hairspray turns out to be useful

If you want the effect of clean furniture after washing with glycerin to last for a long time, it is worth enhancing it with one more product. Finally, simply spray the washed surface with anti-static hairspray. This little procedure will further extend the time in which there is no mistake of necessity

To prevent dust from settling for a long time, make sure you clean it in the right order

It can literally become anything that enters an apartment through doors and windows. Often a part of it is dirt brought on, for example, on our shoes. For this reason, we can find it very large, for example, in a carpet. In order to get rid of dust from the house for a longer time, it is best to remove this element of decoration from our house. If this is not possible, vacuum it first, that is, before we move on to wiping the kitchen. All because dust rises up when vacuuming and settles on surfaces and furniture that are already clean.

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