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This product for PLN 1 will rejuvenate your hands. Natural mask for wrinkles

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The hands of each of us, especially those who take care of the home on a daily basis, are exposed to the appearance of newer and newer chaps, redness and wrinkles every day. However, restoring their youthful, healthy and radiant appearance is not as difficult as it may seem! To the surprise of most, when taking care of your hands, we can use products that you may already have in your kitchen! Among home treatments, the following are particularly helpful: masks made of … chicken egg!

Homemade egg mask for hands. It will rejuvenate and radiate your skin!

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This natural and home method, although it may seem controversial, has found a large group of supporters on the Internet. However, it is nothing new – both our mothers and grandmothers used it! In addition to simplicity in preparation, it is also distinguished by an extremely low price. To prepare a hand mask, we will need one egg, the price of which in the store does not exceed PLN 1.

Why is it worth trying this treatment? It is the yolk of a hen’s egg that contains nutrients such as fatty acids, amino acids, welcome from groups A, D, E and also B, which can have a beneficial effect on the condition of our skin. They will not only moisturize dry skin and firm it, but also reduce the appearance of fine lines!

How to prepare a chicken egg hand mask? It’s very easy!

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Before starting the treatment, thoroughly clean your hands. You may also be tempted to do a peeling to remove dead skin. Then, in a small dish, beat the yolk until a uniform color is obtained. If you find the mass too thick and difficult to put on your skin, add a tablespoon of olive oil or another oil – linseed, coconut or almond. When all the ingredients are well combined, apply the mask to your hands and leave it for 20 minutes. Finally, wash the mixture off with lukewarm running water.

Source: Gazeta

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