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Music critic: Don Bolo presents his most recent single entitled ‘PVC’

The Ecuadorian band led by Emilio Montenegro published the song last Friday as a preview of their next album.

The Ecuadorian band led by Emilio Montenegro published last Friday the new advance of their next album. The single has as name PVC and it is an instrumental theme that fuses different genres and musical styles.

Don Bolo It is a group that calls itself satirically criminal jazz punk And that is not so far from reality, since jazz and punk are very notorious influences in his compositions; however, I consider that for a greater reception by the public, they should be classified within experimental music.

Available on all digital distribution platforms, the simple PVC was produced by Víctor Andrade (Niñosaurios), mixed by Sergio Castro Viteri, mastered by Carl Saff and has the collaboration of renowned local musicians, such as Emilia Moncayo (Mini Pony), Javier Vera (Toy Army) and Miguel Gallardo (Jazz The Roots).

Listen to Don Bolo It comprises a true musical experience, which generates curiosity and which will surprise listeners in any way, because the band has been characterized during its trajectory by constant innovation, without being pigeonholed into traditional genres such as rock or the alternative trend.

Precisely PVC it is a convincing proof of this. A theme that has lugubrious, melancholic and sinister melodies, which could easily be part of the soundtrack of a war movie, coming to play at the climax of it. An impeccable mixing work and a successful musical production allow us to appreciate the quality and excellence when interpreting horns, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and others.

The beginning of the end (2018) was their recording debut, since then they have earned the status of being a cult band, gaining a modest number of followers and belonging to an undervalued niche in national music. Ironically, I come to announce that in reality this new stage of his journey marks the beginning of something different. Your time has come.

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