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What to use for sunburn? Home remedies that will bring you relief in no time

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Unfortunately, if we decide to take a short nap while sunbathing, even the best filter may not protect us against them, we really have to be careful. However, if they have already appeared, check how to soothe the skin and relieve baking with home remedies.

What to use for sunburn? Home remedies that will bring you relief

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First of all, it should be mentioned that Under no circumstances should we apply any heavy, let alone greasy preparations to the burned skin. The only one the exception to this rule is natural honey. It is because it has excellent ones that accelerate the healing of parched skin. How to apply it? It is enough to make a compress and apply it to the burned skin. Relief should be immediate.

What about sunburn? Make use of aloe vera

which we can reach for when our skin is irritated after too long exposure to the sun. It helps to maintain the acidic pH of the skin, making it more resistant to irritationin addition, its leaf juice contains:

  • saponins with astringent and cleansing properties,
  • enzymes accelerating the regeneration of the epidermis,
  • aloectin, which is anti-inflammatory.

In addition, aloe vera activates connective tissue cells that are responsible for skin healing. What to do to feel relieved quickly? Soak gauze with cooled aloe juice and put it on the burned skin. Wait 15 minutes and you’re done.

Home remedies for sunburn: make use of potatoes

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Few people know that Classic potatoes are also effective in soothing skin burns. They relieve pain and prevent blisters from appearing. All thanks to the substances they contain that have an effect similar to atropine. They also contain starch that protects the skin against irritation. To relieve the skin, you can use sliced ​​or ground potatoes into a thick stick. Apply them to your skin and enjoy pain relief.

Source: Gazeta

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