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Guayacos ‘Cosplayers’ demonstrate their creativity and dedication at Comic-Con Ecuador 2022

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The sixth edition of the great fair pop culture in the country, the Comic-Con Ecuadormade landfall this Friday, August 12, in the Guayaquil Convention Center.

A wave of curious people and fans avidly came to the site, in groups of friends and families, to touch and buy a sample of the infinite universe of articles linked to the fictionor take photos in the facilities of your favorite productions of all life, such as the simpsons pink carthe life-size armor of the Knights of the Zodiacor to meet in person the actors of TV socket, which makes its first participation in this convention.

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Others took the opportunity to display your clothes and accessories inspired by the characters that eternally shine on the pages of comics and graphic novels and that multiply in video games, theaters and movie platforms. The cosplayers They are the inevitable attendees at this type of meeting, who not only attract the attention of other fans and the children who admire them, but also give life to those fantasies that could only live in our imagination. Meet them.

Comic Con Ecuador: They are already in Guayaquil Itziar Ituño, from ‘The paper house’; Ross Marquand, from ‘The Walking Dead’; and Christopher Lloyd, from ‘Back to the Future’

lux, from League of Legends

Belén Navia, as Lux from ‘League of Legends’. Photo: Jose Beltran

“I have been doing this character for about six years. LOL It is a game that I like a lot, I play it very occasionally. This character has a very nice design. He caught my attention because his power is light. I wanted to make the suit with a lot of light details, like iridescent fabrics, gold details. It takes me an hour and a half to transform myself.” Belén Navia, 26 years old, graphic designer.


Wladimir Cotrina as a madalorian. Photo: The Universe
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“I have been in the Mandalorian Mercs club for three years and doing cosplay since ten years ago. I have made characters of starwars Y Ninja Turtles”. Wladimir Cotrina, 41 years old, graphic designer and plastic artist.

Kujou Sara from Genshin Impact

Lissette Bohórquez, as Kujou Sara from ‘Genshin Impact’. Photo: Jose Beltran

“I really love this game and the team electro and of course the personality of Kujou Sara, because she is a bit angry. I make cosplay since 2008, six years ago I resumed because I had stopped doing it. In a matter of time, plus the weapon, it took me about five months to do it. It has 36 accessories, to put it on, it takes me longer to get dressed than to put on makeup, in about an hour”. Lissette Bohórquez, 31 years old, private airport employee.

gothic elf

Luisana Paz as an evil elf, very evil. Photo: The Universe

“I am a dark elf. My aesthetic is very gothic, my clothes are like that. I only added the teeth and ears. Two years ago I wear goth clothes, because I love to be scary. This dark elf is cute but evil, very evil.” Luisana Paz, 22 years old, entrepreneur and artist.

Nero Claudius, from the video game Fate GO

Alison Espinoza as Nero Claudius, from the video game ‘Fate GO’. Photo: The Universe

“I like Nero Claudius for her personality, because she is quite dynamic, outgoing and herself. I’ve been doing it for seven years cosplayI currently do a lot cosplay of Genshin Impact, which is another game. I also make Love Live!, Fate Go, among other animes that I like. The suit was purchased two months ago from China.” Alison Espinoza, 28, an obstetrician.

Mary Poppins

Eugenia Marmol as Mary Poppins. Photo: The Universe

“I chose this character because I grew up with him. My favorite movie is the original, although the most current one has its moments. I like to choose characters that are not so common or current, so that people try to remember them and not forget them. I’ve also done the fairy godmother from Cinderella, Hermione from Harry Potter, and Princess Leia.” Eugenia Mármol, 43 years old, business administrator.

Eddie Munson

Juan Carlos Aru as Eddie Munson. Photo: The Universe

“I’m a theater actor and this is the first I’ve done cosplay. I’m doing a play about Selena’s life, it’s called Yes, once, you can find it in Guayaquil. Soon there will be new functions, we already did two seasons. I work a lot with characterization, that’s why it’s easy for me to study a character. And I did it because I’m a fan of Eddie, people love him, and I like to play characters that people have grown fond of.” Juan Carlos Aru, theater actor.

dr strange

Victor Paredes as Dr. Strange. Photo: Jose Beltran

“I bought the base of the suit two months ago and about two weeks ago I got all the materials to implement these acrylic shields, with a print on a vinyl with lights, and I have some batteries in my pocket to turn them on. Have done cosplay before, improvised, but this is the first time I wanted to produce it well. I like it, I’ve always wanted to do it, I’m starting from scratch”. Víctor Paredes, 22 years old, university student.

Raiden Shogun from Genshin Impact

Carolina as Raiden Shogun from ‘Genshin Impact’. Photo: Jose Beltran

“Five years ago I started doing cosplay and I’ve done at least 20. I like doing video game characters better. It takes me over an hour to transform and I had the suit brought from China.” Carolina, 28 years old, systems engineer.

Mario Bros.

Javier Do as Mario Bros. Photo: Jose Beltran

“Mario Bros. is a character that stays with me and I’ve been doing it for more than five years. It has been the favorite game of my childhood and I saw a fan art to make the accessories and I liked it. Well actually a friend made them, may he rest in peace. I now wear this armor in memory of him. I’ve played the classic game, Mario Galaxy, Mario Kingdom Battle, and the spin off As the Super Smash Bros.”. Javier Haz, industrial engineer and quality analyst.

Source: Eluniverso

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