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Shakira and Piqué fight a new battle, this time for a private plane valued at 20 million dollars

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Since Shakira Y Gerard Piqué confirmed their separation a little over two months ago, at the center of their breakup is the custody of their children, Milan and Sashawhich are the most important to them.

The separation has been imminent ever since rumors of a alleged infidelity by the soccer player to the Colombian singer. In addition it is speculated that the defense of the FC Barcelona leads a new farrera life, next to a young man whose identity has been revealed shouted by the entertainment media.

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In his battle to reach a divorce agreement that satisfies both parties, there is a new participant: a private plane What do they have in common.

She is Clara Chía Marti: British press reveals with photo and name the identity of Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend with whom he cheated on Shakira

According to a report from the Guatemalan media Free Press, the Spanish soccer star and the world artist acquired a luxurious jet in 2010, in order to avoid commercial flights, especially to go on family vacations to destinations without their locations being filtered so as not to be disturbed. It is the same plane that the singer uses to travel to the countries where she performs presentations.

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It is an aircraft valued at about $20 milliona Learjet 60XR with a capacity of up to 10 passengers. According to a Wikipedia description, the Learjet 60 is a mid-size business jet, made in the USA. Over the years, the model is said to have been modified to ensure the comfort and tranquility of both celebrities and their two children.

The photos and video of Gerard Piqué in the long wait for his children in front of his old home: The player is prohibited from entering Shakira’s mansion

This is what a Learjet 60 model airplane looks like from the outside, like the one Shakira owns. Photo: Wikipedia Commons

According to Free PressIn order to travel in a better way, Shakira and Gerard Piqué would have added to this plane a bedroom with two beds, a living room with a plasma TV, a family dining room and various amenities for the entertainment of Milan and Sasha.

This aircraft also has the peculiarity that a specialized companyevery time Shakira and Piqué don’t use it, lto rent for your personal use and decrease your maintenance costs.

Gerard Piqué negotiates with Shakira: The player establishes two conditions to sign his children’s permits and asks for first class tickets to travel to Miami and 400 thousand fixed dollars

According to Central Jets, a database of private jets, this is what a Learjet 60XR model aircraft looks like on the inside. Photo: https://centraljets.com

At the moment, the Colombian artist is fighting for her children to move with her to Miami and thus live together on American soil. While Piqué wants the opposite; his idea is that they continue in Barcelona, ​​in the same school where they have been these years and with their friends. However, Shakira believes that the current media impact in Spain is not good for them, using it as her main argument in this dispute.

Source: Eluniverso

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