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DOMi & JD Beck make their debut at Anderson .Paak’s label. The title of their first album is misleading

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In spring, DOMi & JD BECK released their debut single “SMiLE”, which has been played over 2 million times since its premiere. The song was released with an amazing music video directed by .Paak with DOMi and JD Beck and Mac DeMarco, who plays the role of an aging jazz legend who has lost his hearing.

DOMi & JD Beck are the new hopes of jazz. They met by chance – and it sparked

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Until now, if anyone wanted to know anything about DOMi and JD Beck – the hottest jazz duo on the internet – they had to visit their website, click on a rat playing the saxophone, and read a story about a 12-year-old physicist (DOMi Louna) and a 6-year-old researcher sheep (JD Beck). Now it’s time to correct this. “My philosophy is not to take life too seriously,” says DOMi Louna, aka Domitille Degalle. It is thanks to the distance to the surrounding world that she and JD Beck, who is four years younger, are able to create their own, vibrant planet.

They reveal a little more on their Instagram profiles, through clips from jams, where JD Beck plays a simple drum kit, and DOMi Louna – on MIDI keys. DOMi loves sounds that evoke a ’70s jazz fusion and colorful pieces from 2000’s Pokémon soundtracks, while JD Beck gives his snare drum an electronic sound, migrating between IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) and the East Coast boom bap. Sometimes the drums are placed in the bathroom, other times the set is dampened with pretzels placed on hi-hats or with toilet paper thrown on the snare drum. The music of DOMi and JD Beck is full of humor, but it does not lack beautiful, extensive harmonies and multi-dimensional rhythmic variability.

The cooperation of these two started quite exceptionally. DOMi Louna was a protégé of the Paris Conservatory while studying at Berklee. JD Beck, on the other hand, has performed in his hometown of Dallas since primary school, starting with performances with the band of producer Jah-Born. In 2018, DOMi and JD were invited to join the band performing at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM). They played there in a room surrounded by the chaotic noise of instrumental demos. “It was so bad we didn’t hear anything,” JD laughs. Their uncertain, interpenetrating sound effects turned into a unique jam that inspired both of them to work together.

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On their musical path, DOMi & JD BECK met, among others, Herbie Hancock, Thundercat, Ariana Grande, Mac DeMarco and Erica André. They also co-wrote “Skate” from GRAMMY’s award-winning album .Paak with Bruno Mars as Silk Sonic. They still can’t believe the sudden outburst of their musical career. When JD suggests that people might hate their record, DOMi Louna insists that then it would turn out that there is something wrong with the people.

Source: Gazeta

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