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Shiny panels without streaks? “I put a little vinegar and Louis in the water”, “I add rinse aid”

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In order to maintain impeccable cleanliness in the house, you should remember to regularly clean and wash the panels. In addition, we will thus maintain their aesthetic appearance and good condition. that will make this activity easier for you.

How to clean laminate flooring with home remedies? Get some valuable tips

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The entire floor covering start with remove minor dirt and dust. The best and most accurate way to do this is with a vacuum cleaner. This is an important step that will protect the floor from scratches and other damage on its surface. Then you can proceed to cleaning the floor, but remember about not using too much detergent and a mop with excess water. If liquid enters the panels, the panels may swell.

Homemade ways to clean floor panels. Make it easy for yourself and apply this trick

If you want to make cleaning the floor easier, shorten the cleaning time and get dazzling effects, you don’t have to reach for special preparations. You will get similar results by using products based on readily available products that many people have at home. One of them is the vinegar method. One glass is enough for 5 liters of water. This product will additionally shine the surface. The downside may be an unpleasant smell, but you can easily neutralize it with e.g. essential oil. Readers of Gazeta.pl confirm the effectiveness of this method in the comments under one of the posts on Facebook:

I agree, I have been using it for a long time

What to clean floor panels with? The most popular way to clean the floor

The most common home methods of cleaning the floor are cleaning it with a popular dishwashing liquid. All you need is warm water and a few drops of the product. This is a reliable way to obtain a surface without unsightly streaks. Remember to when cleaning the floor panels, do so in the direction of their arrangementthat is, along, not across the joints.

Ways to clean the floor from Gazeta.pl readers. Proven methods

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Our readers also shared their ways to clean the floor without streaks. One of the posts on Facebook says that such methods have worked for them:

To clean the panels, I add a little vinegar and Louis to the water. Vinegar disinfects, gives shine and has no streaks, and Ludwik washes the dirt. The panels are beautiful and shiny.

For cleaning floors, I add fabric softener to the water.

I add rinse aid.

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