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Anne Heche is dead. First, a terrible childhood, then ups and downs and a tragic death

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The first reports after Anne Heche was hospitalized indicated that she had severe burns and that she would recover for a long time. It turned out, however, that she had sustained a severe hypoxic brain injury and her condition was described as critical. On August 11, the actress’s spokesman said:

He is not expected to survive. Due to her long-standing decision to donate organs, she is kept alive to determine if they are fit for donation.

Anne Heche is dead, police are investigating

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The Los Angeles Fire Department confirmed in a public report that the actress’s car hit a two-story house in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood on August 5 and caused a fire. The Los Angeles Police Department immediately after the incident began an investigation into drunk driving or other intoxicating offenses and deductions resulting from the incident. Due to the condition of the actress, it was not possible to interrogate her.

TMZ reported that no alcohol was found in the actress’s blood, and “The Independent” reported that two substances had been detected: cocaine and fentanyl (a pain reliever often administered in a hospital where Heche might have received it).

On August 5, Heche hit the garage of an apartment building first, and when residents tried to stop her, she drove away. After a while, however, she drove into the house next door. The car and the building caught the fire, and the fire was so extensive that 59 firefighters took over an hour to extinguish it.

Anne Heche’s acting career

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Anne Heche was born on May 25, 1969 in Aurora (Ohio). She worked as an actress since childhood. She gained popularity in the late 1980s thanks to the soap opera “Another World”, in which she played twins. She received Emmy and Soap Opera Digest awards for this production. She also performed, among others in the films “Donnie Brasco”, “The Nightmare of Bygone Summer”, “Six Days, Seven Nights” or the remake of Hitchcock’s “Psycho”. She was also a director and screenwriter.

She was in a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres in the 90s, which – as she later said in interviews – meant that she stopped getting lead roles. In 2006, the series “Attention, guys!” (“Men in Trees”), in which Heche plays the role of a relationship specialist, who, after learning about her fiancé’s betrayal, moves to a small town in Alaska. On the set, the actress met James Tupper. She has a son with him, as does with cameraman Coleman “Coley” Laffoon.

Difficult childhood and mental problems

In 2000, Heche near Fresno got out of her car wearing a bra and shorts, walked over two kilometers, knocked on the door of a random house and announced that she had to take a shower. The owner of the house allowed her to do so because she recognized the actress, but when she realized that Heche was not going to leave her house, she called the sheriff’s office. The woman was to tell law enforcement that she was a god and would take everyone to heaven in a spaceship.

In later interviews, Heche said she was dealing with mental problems. After being molested by her father, she created an alter ego and a whole reality in which she was a daughter of God and a half-sister of Jesus.

The fact that the woman was abused in her childhood was not believed by her mother. In her autobiography, Heche accused her of not taking her to a doctor, although she knew her father had infected her with the virus that caused genital herpes. The actress finally broke off contact with her mother.

When Heche was 13, her father died of AIDS. In one of the interviews she said that he had sexual contact with men, but he tried to mask it, which made the whole family unhappy. Since her husband’s death, the actress’s mother has been a Christian motivational speaker about “overcoming homosexuality”.

Three of Heche’s four siblings died. Brother Nathan died in a car accident shortly after his father died. The actress, however, claimed that he committed suicide.

Source: Gazeta

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