Barring a last-minute agreement between the unions and the studios, Hollywood writers will go on strike. A stoppage that will directly affect 822,000 jobs. What do they claim? In short, better wages. Since the advent of video platforms in streaminghas halved the number of screenwriters working for the minimum wage.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) could call a strike on Tuesday if it does not reach an agreement with companies such as Walt Disney and Netflix. It would be the first WGA strike in 15 years. On the minds of the entire industry is the 2007 strike that paralyzed Hollywood for 14 weeks.

His salary has been reduced because every time an open television reruns an old series, they pay the scriptwriters based on the audience for that series. Those reruns are a constant source of moneyabout 20,000 euros can collect.

Well, that doesn’t exist on the platforms because each premiered series stays in the catalog and They don’t give audience figures.. So this is one of the main points of their negotiation: that the platforms inform the unions of the audience of their series every quarter and pay the writers proportionally.

Added to this is the fact that on free-to-air television, each series has about 22 episodes per season. On the platforms, they are around eight episodes per season. Each writer writes fewer chapters, so he earns less. The scriptwriting teams have also been reduced and if they have exclusive contracts, something usual, they cannot work on other projects at the same time.