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Facua denounces the lack of air conditioning on an Arenal Sound bus: “We went down with anxiety, dizziness…”

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“The situation we experienced yesterday returning from Arenal Sound on one of its official buses to Alicante is outrageous”: this is how the story that Twitter user @graacee31 published on the social network begins and one of the many stories that have made Facua -Consumers in Action has filed a formal complaint with the Generalitat de Valencia. “Getting on the bus we noticed that the air conditioning was not working and the driver, who belongs to the Agostense coach company, lied to us saying that it would work in a few minutes,” he continues.

The tweeter and festival attendee assures that after starting the bus the air was still not working, “reaching close to 40 degrees” at some point, so “many” of the passengers asked the driver to stop and allow those who did not want to continue the trip to get off. “We were responsible for returning to Alicante, but we couldn’t spend three more hours in that situation.” According to the young woman, several people began to feel dizzy and have anxiety attacks while “the ground was drenched in sweat“; by not letting them down, he continues, they were forced to call the police, which “finally forced the driver to get off and let us out.” “

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People got off the bus with many anxiety attacks, crying, dizzy and very hot. Some people have a fever and/or vomit. Ambulances came and helped us and later they relocated us in several buses of the same company, which had spare space”, he adds, criticizing that they had not been allowed before the change.

Three of those affected, Gracia, Ángela and Andrea, stated on Antena3 that “the driver said he was not allowed to stop” and that he did nothing to help the passengers, many of whom, they say, suffered fainting spells, vomiting and anxiety attacks. Given this situation, Facua has asked the Generalitat de Valencia to open an investigation and assess the opening of disciplinary proceedings to the company in charge of the transfers to Alicante of the users of the Arenal Sound, held between August 2 and 7 in the Castellón municipality of Burriana.

The entity has detailed that, according to the testimony of one of the affected people, the users asked the driver to stop the bus to get off, because the conditions were not appropriate for a trip of more than two and a half hours with temperatures around 40 degrees. The passengers report that the driver ignored this request, so they proceeded to call the Police to explain what was happening. After the arrival of the agents, the passengers were relocated in buses from the same company to complete the trip to Alicante. Some of the travelers required medical assistance after suffering heat stroke, the consumer entity has pointed out.

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Thus, Facua has denounced the company before the General Directorate of Commerce and Consumption and the General Directorate of Public Works, Transport and Mobility of the Generalitat Valenciana. Likewise, the association has asked both organizations to investigate the events that occurred and, specifically, to if the lack of air conditioning in the bus and the attitude of the driver have been able to cause dangerous situations for the physical integrity of travelers.

It has also requested that an investigation be carried out on the company in order to certify that its bus fleet has the necessary technical requirements that are required to develop the activity of passenger transport by road. Finally, it has required the Generalitat that, in the event that it detects that these events have caused a breach of current regulations, the sanctioning file is opened correspondent.

Source: Lasexta

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