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These homemade boxwood pots are foolproof! They will save your plants

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The box tree moth is an insect that can do a lot of damage. It doesn’t take long to start destroying even very large plants. In fact, after hatching, boxwood moths eagerly eat leaves, e.g. They can also settle on other plants such as cotoneaster, laurel, holly, euonymus. How to protect them with home remedies?

Home remedies for boxwood moth. The key here is the smell

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The males are particularly voracious in boxwood moths. It is they who do the most damage, and when trying to get rid of these pests, it is worth starting with the male sex. This is also important because males are responsible for the reproduction of pests, and if we chase them away quickly, the population will decrease on its own.

To get rid of the male boxwood moth, you should pawn the so-called pheromone traps. You can buy ready-made ones or make them yourself. These are nothing but funnel (chimney) containers the size of a small pot. They hang them in the garden near the box trees and spread a sticky substance inside. Fragrances that should be placed inside and that will attract male boxwood moths include , cardamom, spruce and mint.

A homemade boxwood moth that needs to be repeated often

An effective, but unfortunately somewhat onerous way to get rid of the boxwood moth is also to shake it out. The boxwood should be wrapped in a painting foil or a plastic bag and then start shakingso as not to damage the vines. The pests will fall out of the bush and to a large extent will not return to the same place. Repeat the treatment in about a week.

Harmful boxwood moth. How can I get rid of it with water?

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The last home way is pouring a large stream of water over the plants. A garden hose will be perfect to scare away all the boxwood moths. Direct a stream of water at the plant and wait for the pests to fall out, or rather throw them away, a long distance from their former habitat.

Source: Gazeta

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