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None of the women wanted to accept his proposal.  His body was found a few days after his death

None of the women wanted to accept his proposal. His body was found a few days after his death

None of the women wanted to accept his proposal.  His body was found a few days after his death

Benny Hill was one of Britain’s most popular comedians for over 40 years. Although on the screen he entertained viewers to tears, in private he did not have many friends and struggled with loneliness. When he died, his body was found only a few days later.

On April 20, 2023, Benny Hill died at the age of 68. Outstanding enjoyed great popularity and sympathy of the audience. Although he could afford a lavish life, fame did not go to his head. Until his last moments, he remained a modest man who was troubled by loneliness as soon as he disappeared from the spotlight.

His father and grandfather taught him his first tricks. He entertained the audience to tears

From an early age, Benny Hill dreamed of following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, who worked as clowns in the circus. They instilled in him a passion for performing on stage. After finishing school, the young boy took various jobs. He worked as a milkman or salesman, and at the age of 18 joined the British army. He made his debut as a comedian just after the end of World War II. At that time, he received a job as a voiceover on the radio, but he did not captivate the crowds at that time.

Only a few years later he made a sensation as a co-creator of the BBC program “The Benny Hill Faking Show”. Hill portrayed many different characters, and audiences almost immediately fell in love with his unusual sense of humor. The show was broadcast for 34 years and was broadcast in as many as 140 countries around the world. Only in 1989, after a wave of critical opinions resulting from inappropriate, in the opinion of many, jokes, the decision was made to take the program off the air.

His career hasn’t changed him. He led a modest life and avoided publicity

Although Hill entertained the screen for years, privately he could not achieve full happiness. He did not maintain close relations with his family, nor did he have many friends. He was in two serious relationships, but whenever he wanted to formalize them, he was refused. “Women are like buses. If you fail with one, no problem, because in a few minutes the next one will appear – in one of the interviews, but in fact he had a lot of complexes and felt inadequate. Hill had many idiosyncrasies and incomprehensible behaviors. Although he earned a lot of money as a TV star, he led an extremely modest life. He rented small, cramped studio apartments, wore crumbling shoes and darned socks. He even saved on food by buying the cheapest products. He liked to travel and often flew to France. He was a polyglot, in French, Dutch, Spanish, German or Italian.

In the early 1990s, he began to struggle with serious health problems. Due to his obesity, he suffered from diabetes and kidney failure. He also had a sick heart. Despite this, he refused treatment and did not agree to any surgeries recommended by specialists. One day in April 1992, his closest friend and longtime collaborator tried to contact him. When he didn’t answer his calls, he decided to pay him a visit, but no one answered the door. Wanting to see if anyone was inside, he glanced out the window. Then he saw Benny Hill in the armchair in front of the TV. The comedian had been dead for several days by then.

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