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“Bullet Train” – Brad Pitt in a bloody crazy comedy. He has a special bond with the director [OPINIE]

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In “Bullet Train” Brad Pitt shows his comedy face again, although he also had to do some physical work on the set. Fate will not allow Biedronka to be calm, because his latest mission is on a collision course with deadly opponents from around the world. They all have related but conflicting goals – on the world’s fastest train … and Biedronka has to figure out how to get off it.

Someday instead of Brad Pitt, today with Brad Pitt

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Director David Leich has already worked on such popular action films as “Deadpool 2”, “The Fast and the Furious: Hobbs and Shaw” and “John Wick”. This time, he teamed up with Pitt, with whom he has a very long and sympathetic history. Before Leich took up directing for good, he was Brad Pitt’s understudy in stunt scenes.

According to “GQ” magazine, they met on the set of David Fincher’s 1999 movie “Fight Club”. Leich later worked on other productions as well, replacing Pitt in risky or physically challenging scenes such as “The Mexican,” “Troy,” “Profession: Spy” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.” Slashfilm also made a statement by the director for Deadline.com from last year, in which he mentions his former collaboration with Pitt:

We made a lot of movies together, we trained a lot, and he himself came up with a lot of elements of combat choreography. Brad is also one of those guys who do a lot of difficult scenes on their own. It is very supportive of the stunt community as you saw last year [w 2020 r. -red.] at the Oscars when he mentioned the need to recognize their contribution.

“Bullet Train” starts in Poland. Magda Gessler invites

In Poland, the distributor focused not only on traditional trailers, but also the announcement of “Bullet Train” with the participation of Magda Gessler:

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As he announces, in Leitch’s film the end of the line is just the beginning of a crazy, incessant thrill ride through contemporary Japan. The script of the production was written by Zak Olkiewicz based on the novel by the Japanese writer Kotaro Isaka “Maria Beetle”.

Reviewers weren’t bought, but viewers might like it

It is true that the foreign press is not particularly delighted with Pitt’s new film, but the viewers seem to like it. The latter on Rotten Tomatoes give “Bullet Train” 84 percent. positive reviews. Journalists are less gracious – they decided that it was rather a flop (only 55 percent of the 161 opinions posted “yes”). A lot of people find the cast and the idea are awesome and the beginning is fun, but then the script goes apart (sic!). One of the reviewers writes:

The farther this train went, the less I cared what was happening on the screen.

And another:

Unfortunately, the farther into the forest, the more absurd the story becomes, until it loses all credibility.

One of the harshest opinions was issued by a critic of “Observer”:

Just when you think you’ve seen the worst movie ever made, a pile of toxic waste called ‘Bullet Train’ shows up.

But there are also those who liked the movie and praise this absurdity and turning it to the limits of the story told. There is, for example, such an opinion:

It’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ on methamphetamine and in Japan. Pitt is as funny as “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” Fights and shootings are fun. But the movie could use a more atmosphere like Tarantino’s.

Another reviewer compares Leitch’s film to Guy Ritchie’s work for whom Brad Pitt made an excellent role in “Scam”:

“Bullet Train” is a fun movie, surely reminiscent of director Guy Ritchie’s better crime comedies, such as “Gentlemen” with Hugh Grant. But, as the title suggests, it’s louder and faster.

The film also features, among others: Aaron Taylor-Johnson (“Anna Karenina”, “Animals of the Night”), Brian Tyree Henry (“Joker”), Masi Oka (“Heroes”), Michael Shannon (“Knives”) and Logan Lerman (“Fury”). “Bullet Train” has been shown in Polish cinemas since 5 August.

Source: Gazeta

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