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The photos of Chyno Miranda with his family in the rehabilitation center: With many gray hairs and glasses, the singer reappears while his cousin reveals that depression led him to addictions

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Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez, better known in the music What Chyno Miranda He did not die, this is confirmed not only by his manager Julio Ducharne, but also by his cousin Yarubay Zapata Perez.

The first cousin of singer Venezuelan spoke exclusively about the life of his cousin, and how he is recovering from his addictions Y diseases in a rehabilitation center in Venezuela.

This is what Chyno Miranda looks like with her family

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“Please! Of course he is alive”, were Yarubay’s words to People en Español, who was seen in some Photographs with Miranda a week ago. “We would like to see this negative issue reversed.” And she adds: “That situation [a Chyno] It makes you sad.”

The video of Chyno Miranda confined in a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center: This is how the singer looks in the boarding school away from the luxury he enjoyed in the past

The Venezuelan singer appeared in some images with his mother, aunts and his beloved cousin, who took a photo with him, where the artist can be seen with many gray hairs, smiling and wearing glasses with crystals.

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The family was sharing a pleasant moment around a table while they talked and showed all their love to Chyno Miranda, who is currently undergoing rehabilitation due to problems with Health.

Zapata also commented: “Jesús has always been out of danger and I want to point that out: Jesús Alberto has never been at risk of death or seriousness, or of any fatal situation. That’s important to say.” he stated.

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According to Yarubay, Chyno returned to his native country in December 2021: “As a result of the neuropathy that caused him encephalitis and seeing himself in the conditions in which he was, he generated a lot of anxiety, a lot of depression and that led to in an addiction problem as well.”

Chyno Miranda’s addictions and depression

Her cousin also revealed that due to the medicinesthis generated an anxiety for Miranda that she could not control.

“[Los medicamentos] they were too strong. A person as active as Jesús Alberto when seeing himself in these conditions, being away from us, from his closest family nucleus, from his mother, from his aunts, from his cousins… that we have always been supportive, because he brought [generara] that addiction problem and that he couldn’t control it.”

However, Yarubay pointed out that the singer has specialized personnel available for his attention.

“There is an entire medical team dedicated to treating Jesús Alberto’s recovery in an integral way, from the physical, cognitive [y] from the emotional point of view to be able to recover it”, explains Zapata who clarifies that his cousin brother also receives psychological therapies.

“[Le ayudan a] manage what is anxiety and depression, “he said when expressing the singer’s condition.

itself, not only the medical care helps him, since for Chyno the love of his mother, Mrs. alcira perezand his brothers are the essential engines that motivate him to continue recovering. (AND)

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