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“Father Mateusz” returns to TVP. Artur ¯mijewski not only played the main role

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The series, created on the basis of the Italian production of “Don Matteo”, has enjoyed the sympathy of Polish viewers continuously since 2008. Each episode tells a separate crime story taking place in Sandomierz – it is played by the local parish priest, Father Mateusz, assisted by the local police. that during the Telekamer award in 2022, Kinga Preis were awarded with statuettes in the categories of Actor and Actress of the 25th anniversary.

“Father Mateusz” on TVP in September. Artur Żmijewski from both sides of the camera

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The broadcast of the 28th season of “Father Mateusz” will start on Friday, September 9 at 8.30 pm. Artur Żmijewski played the main role again, and at his side we will see the regular cast members, i.e. Piotr Polek, Michał Piła, Edyta Olszówka, Bartłomiej Firlet, Artur Pontek and Jędrzej Taranek. Guest performances included: Anna Dymna, Aleksandra Hamkało, Ewa Wencel, Beata Kawka, Beata Ścibakówna, Adrian Zaremba, Ewelina Bator and Katarzyna Gałązka.

Let us add that Artur Żmijewski also took on directing the first seven episodes of the new season. As he said in an interview for him, combining the roles of an actor and director is not easy for him:

Although I have always tried to look at myself, if I may say so, with the ‘outer eye’. In my opinion, acting is the art of conveying emotions and communicating with the audience through emotions. The director, in addition, must have the aforementioned eye even more acute. Thanks to this, he can look at the whole thing from a certain, very necessary distance.

The actor controls only a part of his role. Especially the one where his character is important. The director, in turn, has to control many more elements and people. (…) This type of experience as directing teaches the actor, above all, humility. You have to follow all the comments you make to yourself. Difficult but very interesting.

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Moreover, he emphasized that “the actor Żmijewski cannot afford any weaknesses towards the director Żmijewski. He has it worse than others. Especially since as a director he has much less patience with himself as an actor. Although, it might seem that he treats him. ‘reduced’. None of this. “

Its operator was Piotr Wojtowicz. The other six episodes of the new series were directed by Wojtek Nowak with the help of cinematographer Maciej Kurpiewski. The previous series had an average audience of 1.77 million viewers per episode – this guaranteed the production of 13.98%. share in the television market – they report. “Father Mateusz” is also available at vod.tvp.pl.

Source: Gazeta

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