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How to play forty, the Ecuadorian card game?

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The popular 40 card game is an Ecuadorian invention. It is played between two couples, although sometimes it can also be played between two people.

If it is in pairs, each of the players sits in front of their teammate. Otherwise, if only two opponents participate, they sit face to face and play independently, without coordinating with another player.

A traditional 52-card Western playing card is used for the game.. In any case, it is necessary to separate all cards 8, 9 and 10 _the so-called ‘dogs’_, since it is only played with the remaining 40.

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To win the game (girls) you need to get forty points. The team that gets 40 points first wins the game. and whoever wins two games first wins the table, that is, the game.

There is also a version in which four games are played on a compulsory basis, to give all players the opportunity to deal the cards. But here, to win the table you need to win three out of four games.

For the game, once the opponents are located, the judge will shuffle the card and place it in the center of the table. Each participant will take a card and the one with the highest value will indicate who starts the game. For this, the AS is worth 1 and the high cards are worth 10.

The player who starts the game will give the card to the player on the left to ‘split’ the deck. Then he will deal five cards from his right.

The player located to the right of the one who dealt the card will throw the first card. If this or any of the players realizes that he has ’round’ (3 or 4 cards of the same number or figure), will indicate that you have this move to the judge to award the corresponding points.

Once the first card of the five of the first round is thrown by the four players, there will no longer be a prize for the play.


It is known as ‘clean’ when a player manages to pick up all the cards on the table that are at that moment, with this he will be awarded two additional points.

‘double round’ is the name given when a player has four cards of the same number in his possession.

When a player accumulates 20 raised cards, it will be said that he got a ‘paperboard’ and you will be awarded 6 points; if you have 21 you will receive 7 points and so on.

If it remains in an odd number, it will be rounded up with an extra point to remain as even, that is, if it has 23 cards that are equivalent to 9 extra points, these will be rounded up to 10.

If you have less than 20 you will not receive bonus points.

‘Round or aesthetic’ refers to when at the time of the deal a player has received three cards of the same value so that he can receive two additional points thanks to his good luck, it is also said that he has achieved ‘two per round’ or ‘two for handsome’.

As a benefit for the one who started dealing the cards and his team, he will be awarded two additional points if neither of the two teams makes a total of 20 cards to his credit, as long as the number of his is greater than that of the rival, this is called ‘two to give’. (F)

Source: Eluniverso

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