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Diego Bertie: This was his artistic career of more than 30 years dedicated to music and television

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the peruvian actor Diego Bertie died this Friday August 5 in Miraflorespopular district of Lima, Peru. According to the director of the Communications area of ​​the hospital where he was treated, the national interpreter He passed away at dawn, at the age of 54.after suffering multiple fractures, after fall from his apartment on the fourteenth floor of the building where he resided.

Likewise, it was indicated that a statement will be issued in the next few hours to clarify the details of this accident.

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The news shocked not only his native country but the entire region, since Bertie was a recognized soap opera actor and series that were broadcast in Peru and other Latin American countriesincluding Ecuador.

Diego Bertie dies, the Peruvian actor fell from the 14th floor of the building

The roles of Diego Bertie on television

Although the actor has accredited as his first telenovelas to rose of america (1988), at the age of 21, and The man who must die (1989), notoriety came with Natashaa 1990 Panamericana Television soap opera. Here he gave life to Pedro, alongside the Venezuelans Maricarmen Regueiro, as Natacha, and Hilda Abrahamz, as the villain.

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Then it was part of fandango (1992) where he gave life to Bruno Strombombi. This production was followed Street school: piranitas (1994), Cinnamon (1995) and Obsession (1996), telenovela where Leonardo Ratto was.

Manager of Diego Bertie rules out some state of depression and suggests that his death be investigated: “He has been very happy, I have not felt any of that (depression) in particular”

This is how his career was consolidated in the 90s, Diego Bertie would later participate in soap operas and movies that would lead him to be one of the most representative figures on the national scene. Some of them are:

  • Leonela, dying of love (1997) as Pedro Luis Guerra Morales
  • Things of love (1998) as Gonzalo “Chalo” Garcia Leon
  • full moon lovers (2000) as Simon Luna
  • hunting a millionaire (2001) as Felipe Castillo
  • Anything goes (2002) as Ivan Meireles
  • Eve of Eden (2004) as Roldán de Astorga y Carrasco
  • The ex (2006) as Sergio Estevézos Roles”
  • Yuru, the Amazon princess (2007) as Leo
  • Desperate housewives (2008) as Antonio Guerrero
  • Bermudez (2009) as Gonzalo Lleras

  • The successful Gome$ (2010) as Martin Gomes / Gonzalo Guerra
  • There is room in the background (2015–2016) as Sergio Estrada
  • the fortune hunter (2015)
  • Luke’s return (2016) as Honorio Cardenas
  • back to the neighborhood (2017–2021) as Luis Felipe Sandoval

Diego Bertie and Jaime Bayly: How was the brief romance between the late Peruvian actor and the journalist, which was confirmed 28 years later

Diego Bertie also explored cinema

In the cinema, Bertie also had an important participation. Movies like Report to death (1993), Without compassion (1994), Under the skin (nineteen ninety six), Pirates in Callao (2005) and how difficult it is to love (2018), will be part of the popular memory.

For many, Without compassion, is one of the best moments of the actor’s cinema. The film, directed by Francisco Lombardi, is an adaptation of the novel Crime and Punishment set in Lima in the 90s.

Diego Bertie’s musical journey

In 1986 Diego Bertie began his artistic career as a singer, forming the pop rock group Images, along with his classmates from the Faculty of Administration of the Universidad Del Pacífico. At the end of that year the band recorded the songs From distance Y Good timesthe last one became a success during the summer of 1987, reaching the first places in the popularity charts of some radio stations in the country.

Exactly that year is when Bertie debuts as an actor, because what the band became a hobby for him and his companions, who were also engaged in other activities in parallel. However, they managed to open for Hombres G, when they performed at the Coliseo San Agustín, in San Isidro, at the end of 1987 and recorded their first full-length album titled Our Versionin 1988.

“He who lives free, lives happier,” said Diego Bertie in one of his last interviews

From that album, they popularized the songs faces, One more time Y Who cries. In September of that year, they officially separated, Diego being the only one who continued to be linked to the artistic medium, although he would dedicate himself entirely to acting.

In any case, his interest in music never died. Bertie recorded several songs as a solo artist during the 1990s, including the song for the telenovela Natacha. In 1996 he recorded his first record production as such entitled Blue Fire.

In 2003 Diego Bertie released his second solo album, When Love Comes.

Before dying, the singer-songwriter wanted to relaunch his career as a singer. Between June and July he fulfilled a series of presentations to sing his best hits in very popular venues in Peru, enjoying great acceptance, until the day of his unfortunate death.

Source: Eluniverso

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