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Lady Gaga became the girlfriend of the Joker. We know the release date of the second part of the Oscar-winning hit

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She announced the news with an atmospheric clip posted on the web. The name Phoenix appears on a red background, followed by an animated black silhouette of an actor disguised as “Gaga” and an outline of the artist’s figure in a long dress. Then there is a copy of their dance together. In the background, there is an instrumental version of the jazz standard “Cheek to Cheek”, and at the end you can hear the actor’s ghastly laugh.

Lady Gaga to play in “Joker 2”

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At the very end of the animated clip, there was information that the movie “Joker. Films and Deux” is to be released on October 4, 2024. There has been some speculation in the industry about Lady Gaga’s involvement in the project since director Todd Phillips showed a picture of Joaquin Phoenix on the web with the script for the second part of “The Joker”. It is very likely that Lady Gaga, who won an Oscar for her song in the movie “A Star is Born”, will play the role of Harley Quinn – the beloved of the Joker.

It is probable that the second part of the title of the new movie from French literally translates to “madness for two”, while medical jargon describes such common delusional disorders. And at the end of the first part of The Joker, we saw Arthur Fleck running down the corridor of the hospital – the scene was ambiguous and left a lot of room for interpretation.

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Nevertheless, it should be remembered that in the comics Harley Quinn was a psychiatrist who treated the Joker in a closed institution. Over the course of numerous sessions, the couple fell in love with each other, which eventually ended up escaping the mental hospital and then Harley jumped into the same chemical silo that Fleck himself had fallen into earlier. In this way, she became his partner – both in life and in crime.

Also, don’t be concerned that this character in other Warner Bros. movies He is portrayed by Margot Robbie. Director Todd Phillips loves to emphasize that his film is set in a different reality than other productions based on the cult DC comics, and therefore deliberately casts different actors in particular roles than those who theoretically already have contracts for individual characters. In this way, he emphasizes the distinctiveness of his projects. And since we now know that Lady Gaga plays one of the main roles alongside Phoenix, many people suspect that the second part of the film, which caused such a stir after its premiere, will be a musical.

Recall, “Joker” was one of the biggest film sensations of 2019. The dark picture showing one of the most iconic opponents of the comic book Batman from a new perspective captivated viewers and critics, among others psychological realism. The film grossed $ 1.07 billion in cinemas worldwide and was hailed as the highest-grossing comic book production in history. Not because he earned the most in theaters, but because he brought the highest return on investment. Even before it left the poster, it was estimated that, with a budget of $ 62.5 million, every dollar invested returned more than $ 15.3.

In addition to the financial aspect, the film was also appreciated for its workshop qualities. He won a Golden Lion at the 76th Venice International Film Festival, followed by two more Golden Globes, three BAFTA Awards, as well as 12 Oscar nominations and two statuettes (for Best Actor and Soundtrack). In addition, the media also wrote about the almost pilgrimages of delighted viewers to the places where “Joker” was filmed. Soon after the premiere of the film, the real siege was experienced by, among others New York’s Brooklyn. It is in this district that there are already famous stairs on which Joaquin Phoenix danced in the memorable scene.

Nevertheless, the information about the premiere of “Joker 2” came after the announcement of something surprising for many. Warner Bros. decided that the film “Batgirl”, which had already been shot, with a budget of $ 90 million, will not have a premiere. In addition, some of the high-budget productions of original studios were removed from the HBO Max platform and the production of own series in some European countries was abandoned, including in Poland and the Scandinavian countries. This is the result of a massive amalgamation of Warner Bros. with Discovery – the bosses of the new media giant are looking for savings of three billion dollars a year.

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