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Maciej Stuhr was hospitalized during the shooting of “Szadzi”. He was replaced by the second director. “Miracle”

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Paweł Wolnicki is the hero first created in the book by Igor Brejdygant, and Maciej Stuhr gives him the face on the screen. It turns out that another actor must have appeared in the role in the third season.

Maciej Stuhr about working on “Szadzia”: I had an unplanned break in shooting. As luck would have it, a second director appeared on the set

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Stuhr relates:

We had some adventures during the production of the series, not necessarily pleasant. My leg, or rather a knee, could not stand the hardships of one of the scenes and I landed on the operating table after two days. Consequently, I had an unplanned break from shooting. As luck would have it, a second director appeared on the set – an actor by education – our friend Szymon Nowak, who agreed to shave his head the way I was in this story. He miraculously had a beard and was of similar size. In some scenes, somewhere in the far set, blurry, when my hero had to run or have a fight, he actually helped me make these scenes, which was on the one hand very funny and interesting from the point of view of such a movie cuisine, but on the other hand saved it is our skin.

Several weeks ago, Maciej Stuhr posted a photo with Nowak on Instagram, but then he did not reveal what exactly the similarity was about.

Wolnicki in the new episodes of “Szadzia” will be shaved bald. Some, seeing photos of Maciej Stuhr on social media, wondered if he was going to play Patryk Vega in his biography. – However, I am too little like Patryk Vega – says the actor and explains:

For two seasons my hero became known not only to viewers, but – I’m talking about the plot of the series – to the media and Poles, so when he managed to escape once again, he has to go into hiding. He had to stop being like himself, so also Maciej Stuhr had to stop looking like Maciej Stuhr for a while.

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“Szadź” – the third season in September. What will we see?

The plot of the new episodes focuses on the events taking place a year after the attempt to murder Lilia and the escape of Piotr. Wolnicki lives in hiding in a small town. For local residents, he is a mysterious stranger who tries to reorganize his life. Its dark nature, however, does not let you forget about itself. Who will he choose as the next victim?

Agnieszka Polkowska (Aleksandra Popławska) is dismissed from the service, but Piotr’s case does not leave her alone. He skillfully covers his tracks and places evidence that may testify to his death. Mrówiec (Bartosz Gelner) and Wrońska (Karolina Gorczyca) remain in the investigation room, but will they risk their own careers to hunt down a murderer officially declared dead? Karolina (Magdalena Popławska) appears in Piotr’s life. This acquaintance attracts the attention of local residents, incl. Maćka (Piotr Trojan) and his mother Mira (Jowita Budnik).

The premiere of the first episode of the third season of “Szadzi” on September 2 on Player.pl.

Source: Gazeta

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