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Diego Bertie and Jaime Bayly: How was the brief romance between the late Peruvian actor and the journalist, which was confirmed 28 years later

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In the middle of this year, just two months before his sudden demise caused by a fall over 14 storiesPeruvian actor and singer Diego Bertie had broken the silence to refer to the rumors of the alleged romantic relationship he had with the journalist Jaime Bayly decades ago.

It was the subject that she had avoided coming across throughout her artistic career of more than 30 years, until the end of May, when the renowned Peruvian host Magaly Medina inquired about this matter once again. The actor, whose name became popular in soap operas and television series such as Leonela, dying of love, Decisiones and In the background there is roomfinally decided to put an end to the subject, confirming that, indeed, the romance was real, although brief and insignificant, he assured.

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Diego Bertie dies, the Peruvian actor fell from the 14th floor of the building

Why was Bertie linked to Bayly?

In 1994, Jaime Bayly published his first novel Do not tell anybody. The book tells the story of a young gay man in dispute with his identity and his conservative family. Many of its readers and critics felt that the title was more autobiographical than fiction.

The character that most caught the attention of the press was that of a fashionable actor from Lima who began a fleeting but passionate and secret romance with the protagonist of the play. Speculation pointed to Bertie as the inspiration for this character.

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“You know that I published this novel and I was very sorry that certain rogue press associated certain people with my novel. You were one of those victims. What did you feel?” he asked. Bayly a bertie on the set of his show The Sniper. At that time, Diego only replied: “Nothing happened. I have read it and I liked it. It seems to me that she is honest and a bit adolescent, but not in a bad way”.

Bayly played with sexual ambiguity

The media war

From that comment, Diego Bertie was in charge of clarifying that between Bayly and him there was only a youth friendship. However, that camaraderie supposedly came to an end when the Peruvian writer also shared some statements in 2005 with Magaly Medina herself, which were considered controversial, recalls a note from Infobae.

“I liked Diego Bertie, yes. We had a very nice story. Yes, (I know she has been divorced). I hope he is well, happy, I remember him fondly. I do believe that Diego Bertie will always like me, never say never. But I’m already old, I don’t think he’s interested in having a romp with me, “said Bayly when all of Peru only knew that he was openly homosexual.

The pink press turned to Bertie to get more statements of this type, something that he did not find pleasant or comfortable. “I do not tell my intimacies on television, it will be his style, I respect it. Let him speak whatever he wants, all in all, they are words and words. We’re not friends, I haven’t even seen him in a long time, I don’t feel like seeing him either. Let him continue doing his program and I do mine, ”the national actor answered furiously before the insistent questions of the reporters.

Peruvian presenter Jaime Bayly returns to TC Television

Bayly ignited the controversy, once again

In 2007, Jaime Bayly fueled the controversy again when in his column lost papersFrom the newspaper Mailpublished a story titled The actor and the writer. The Peruvian journalist did not skimp on details to specify the romance and enmity between a famous writer and actor from Peru. Although without names, it was clear to the media that the protagonists were Bayly and Diego Bertie.

“They see each other very late at night, after work, after being with their girlfriends. The writer moves to a colder city. He does not want to return to television. He writes of the man he loved, the actor. He changes the names, presents it as a novel, but when the book is published, many people recognize the actor and the writer. Everyone knows or suspects that they were lovers, the writer clarifies that the book is fiction, but nobody believes him, “Bayly wrote in space.

Other writers criticized Bayly’s attitude, such as Mario Vargas Llosa, who criticized him for violating the privacy of others. But the ‘naughty boy on television’ defended himself by saying: “It hurts me that a gay man is such a coward and traitor, that has no dignity. Diego Bertie is not going to shut me up just because he is in the closet. I feel hurt by the moral duplicity of a person who does not recognize himself as gay. He has not yet been able to free himself from Lima’s homophobia.”

Diego Bertie: “I will always be an actor” | File, Archive

The passing of the years and the separate paths of Bayly and Bertie

With the passage of time, the rumored relationship was being forgotten. However, from time to time the actor was consulted on the subject. In 2010, Bertie told the newspaper Peru 21 about his relationship with the novelist: “It is part of my life, but it is not my present. At one time we were friends, but not such great friends. But honestly, he said so many things that it is no longer a concern in my life nor is it something that interests me.”

And when he was questioned about his sexual orientation, the interpreter mentioned: “I imagine that the people who are most curious are the ones who are the most bored with their lives. Today, whether or not you are gay, nobody cares. Everyone is what they are and you have to respect that.”

Ten years later, until the middle of this 2022, Diego Bertie, divorced and father of a daughter, did not speak again about his alleged homosexuality. As long as Jaime Bayly57 years old today, is living in Miami with Silvia Nunez del Arco, his wife of 11 years, and their daughter Zoe. Neither of them referred to each other again.

Peruvian writer Jaime Bayly apologizes with his new novel

Diego Bertie confirms romance on Magaly TV

After 28 years of rumours, Diego Bertie He acknowledged on the Magaly Medina program that he had a relationship with the journalist; however, he was angry and hurt when he remembered how Jaime Bayly he profited from said romance when it came to an end.

“Indeed yes, I was a friend of Jaime. We had a relationship, a short relationship, a failed relationship, it was not a relevant relationship. What was relevant was what he did with it. He wrote books, he exposed my privacy. He violated my family, my daughter, my life, my career, and he hurt me a lot, ”Bertie said.

Source: Eluniverso

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