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Forget the carp scales.  Put a branch of this plant in your wallet and you will attract money

Forget the carp scales. Put a branch of this plant in your wallet and you will attract money

Few people know that according to ancient beliefs, putting a twig from a certain ornament in the wallet, which we place on the Easter table, can bring us money and financial success.

This ritual is practiced mainly in the east of Poland, near the Lublin region. Placing a twig in a wallet is supposed to have a similar effect as keeping carp scales after Christmas. The twig is supposed to attract money and ensure good luck. Of course, the following description should be taken with a grain of salt.

How to attract money? Put a sprig of Easter catkins in your wallet

According to ancient beliefs, placing a twig from Christmas catkins, i.e. willow flowers, in a wallet can bring us financial success and money. It is enough to put a fragment of the dedicated base in the wallet and wear it all year round, and financial problems will not be terrible for us.

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Other wallet habits. Learn ways to avoid bad luck

  • Giving someone a blank can be a harbinger of financial trouble. Remember, if you buy someone a wallet, put at least a penny in it.
  • Leaves in the wallet. Many people believe that putting a bay leaf, basil leaf or sunflower seed in their wallet will bring them financial success.
  • We should not buy a wallet for ourselves. A wallet that has been given to us has a better chance of attracting cash.
  • Putting a bag with a wallet on the ground can bring bad luck to us.
  • The four-leaf clover is said to bring good luck and prosperity. Unfortunately, finding it is not that easy, but if we succeed, it is worth putting it in your wallet.
  • If the wallet, then only red. This color signifies power and wealth.

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