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Olive tanning is a popular summer trend. Will it help or hurt more?

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The olive trend has conquered the web and is circulating on the internet. The method has gained many supporters, and people who use it praise the way they quickly get an intense tan. What does the truth look like?

Tanning with an olive. Don’t be fooled by the spectacular effects of an intense tan

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There are many ways to do it quickly. A method in the form of tanning with an olive has appeared on the web. This product actually attracts the sun and your body turns golden faster. The reality is slightly different from that presented on the Internet. This method accelerates the aging process of the skin. In addition, it causes painful effects in the form of burns and even neoplastic changes. An important point is also that the olive does not provide any sun protection. So we should not blindly believe emerging trends. There are no jokes with the sun, and a suitable protective filter is a must-have, especially in summer.

How to protect yourself from the sun? This is worth remembering

The effect of the sun on the skin is tremendous. She cannot guarantee herself against the painful effects of exposure to the sun’s rays. So you should always remember about the use of protective filters and a few principles:

  • avoid long exposure to the sun,
  • cover places exposed to sunburn with clothes,
  • wear a hat
  • stay in the shade between 12 and 15,
  • remember about proper hydration.

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