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She covered her body with tattoos and now she regrets it very much.  “I should have heeded the warnings”

She covered her body with tattoos and now she regrets it very much. “I should have heeded the warnings”

Sara first started getting tattoos when she was in her twenties. She liked it then. However, as the years passed, something changed. Today, he admits that he regrets each of his tattoos. “It’s like wearing the same shirt all your life,” he explains.

Nowadays, tattoos are not uncommon and many people decide to decorate their bodies in this way. However, there are people who decide to go a step further and instead of single patterns, they decide to cover quite a large part of their body with ink. This was the case with Sara, who admitted years later that she regretted what she had done.

He has tattoos in various places on his body. Today I regret each of them

Sara, who runs a profile on TikTok under the name @saraovershares, shared a video in the network in which she confessed that years later she regretted that she decided to get tattoos that now cover her neckline, arms and neck, as well as her thighs and hands. “Imagine once wearing a shirt in your twenties and now having to wear it for the rest of your life,” the 36-year-old compares.

As she admits, when she was in her twenties, the tattoos she got herself perfectly matched her personality. Apparently, it was more “dark” back then, which has changed quite a lot over the last few years. Sara claims that today she is the complete opposite of those times, and today her style is more delicate and girlish, which, in her opinion, does not go well with such a heavily tattooed body. He emphasizes that it is very important to know that tattoos “stay forever”. It is true that it is possible to remove them with a laser, but she herself claims that in her case it would be too long a process.

She confessed that she regrets her tattoos. The reaction of Internet users and Internet users?

Many comments from Internet users and Internet users appeared under Sara’s post. However, their opinions are divided:

I’ve never tattooed myself. Looking back, I would now hate everything I craved in my teens and early 20s

I got my first tattoos when I was 24, now I’m 31 and I still love them

Every day I thank my commitment issues because I don’t have tattoos and I know I would hate them if I did

And that’s why I won’t do one

I’m 36 and still like my tattoos

– they write.

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