The Eiffel Tower has a younger sister who is 33 meters high and weighs 32 tons.. It was installed this Saturday on the Champs de Mars in Paris and was christened Eiffela.

The installation on Saturday near the original was announced on Twitter by the Paris City Hall, with the message: “Don’t worry, you see well.”

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of the twin towers on April 1. April Fool’s Day in many countriesincluding France.

The initiative has appealed to some tourists and hikers, who were delighted to have “two Eiffel Towers for the price of one,” as retired Dominique Dimitroff noted, the agency said. ep.

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The tower, inaugurated 134 years ago, was also the subject of a joke on the same social network on Saturday: “The highest slide in the world will be installed on my top from July 1!”, his official account announced, along with a video montage that eventually revealed the joke.

The copy of the Eiffel Tower will remain on display next to the original model until April 10, the newspaper said. le Paris.