The decision to go to Miami was something that Shakira lasted from the first moment of separation with the former football player Gerard Piquewhich was announced in the middle of last year.

Shakira is moving permanently: Milan and Sasha are already on school holidays, and the Colombian woman is already packing her bags to leave Barcelona for Miami with her children and parents

However, the move was delayed due to health problems of the Colombian artist’s parents. First, from William mbarak, 91 years old, who has experienced several bankruptcies in the last year. Recently, Nidia Ripoll, mother of the pop diva, was urgently hospitalized. For now, it is known that the woman is out of danger.

The 46-year-old singer will move to Miami, Florida with the two children she had with the athlete: Milan, 10, and Sasha, eight, from this month. As stated by the portal vanitywho released an exclusive note on the subject, the move would begin this weekend or at least early next week.

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Shakira’s mother was urgently hospitalized in Barcelona due to thrombosis in her leg. How dangerous is this disease?

The Catalan newspaper El Periódico also reported that he is a translator Hips don’t lie He had a set date of April 1 to travel to the United States, leaving his family home in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

In fact, sources close to the ex-partner of the interpreter Hips don’t lie the media confirmed Europe Press that a march to the Sunshine State is inevitable starting this month, because The children will start the new school year on April 11.

Shakira was originally expected to move to Miami in early January, but the move was canceled at the time because her father’s health deteriorated after he suffered a nasty fall.

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“The only thing I want is for the children to be well”: without sarcasm or controversy, Gerard Piqué speaks reservedly about his sentimental break, without mentioning Shakira

“Shakir’s idea is to use ‘Spring break‘ (spring break) in the United States so they can travel to Miami with their kids so they can start classes when the kids go back to school from there,” added Spanish reporter Lorena Vásquez, from the podcast. Mamarazzi.

The move was reportedly agreed in a custody agreement between Shakira and Piqué, 36. The singer-songwriter has primary custody of her two children following her split from the former Spanish defender. The couple confirmed their split in a joint statement last May. (AND)