Pedro Pascal’s love life is a mystery. the star of The last of us He is currently single, or at least has not revealed any romantic ties to the press. His last confirmed girlfriend was in 1990a fact that has even led to rumors about his sexuality.

Pedro Pascal, the Chilean who conquered American TV stardom

Pascal’s last confirmed romantic relationship was with Mary DizziaAmerican actress known for her roles in television series like 13 reasons why And Orange is the new black. She was the lead actress in an Oscar-winning short film, The neighbour’s windowand also stood out in the theater field as she was nominated for a Tony Award for Best Actress in 2010.

Pascal and Dizzia’s relationship took place at the beginning of their careers, when they starred in the series Law and orderwhile Pascal played one of the typical roles he was assigned at the beginning of his career: that of the macho Latino criminal.

American media have also linked him Lena Headeywith whom he shared a set Game of Thrones. They were seen together in public several times over the course of 2014, but Headey announced in 2015 that she was pregnant, and for a time it was speculated that Pascal would be the father, as the actress revealed the name of the father two years into her pregnancy. Heady attached to the New York Times That Dan Cadan, her now husband, is the girl’s father.

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Another source of speculation was Pascal’s relationship with the actress sarah paulson. The two artists met as teenagers in New York and have been close friends ever since. They join each other at events and red carpets from time to time, but meThe rumors of a romance do not hold, as Paulson is in a relationship with actress Holland Taylor.

Although his two most famous roles, that of Din Djarin in The Mandalorian and Joel Miller is in The last of us they are characters that represent father figures, Pascal has not yet had children. In an interview with the American media Wired revealed that She doesn’t know if she wants kids, but she likes being able to “imagine it” when playing characters who are reluctant father figures.